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Zep and astrology


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From Sidney Omarr's daily horoscope

Daily Globe Ironwood, Michigan April 13, 1979

Readers write: From Nathaniel Turner. Laramie, Wyo.

"You are terrific and so is the rock group, Led Zeppelin. There is plenty of astrology connected with Led Zeppelin —the group is part of our popular culture."


You are so right. To quote guitarist Jimmy Page: "Astrology had a lot to do with the success of the band. Robert Plant, the vocalist, is a Leo, which makes him a perfect leader. I am a Capricorn;

so is John Paul Jones (bass). John Bonham (drums) is a Gemini."

To quote Robert Plant: "I am a Leo and I seem to have all the properties of that sign. Astrology helps us to understand ourselves—and others. Being aware of the signs and their qualities helps make Led Zeppelin succeed as a group. John Bonham, the Gemini, is vivacious, playing the loon, running about . . . Jimmy Page, the Capricorn, is always quiet, a bit stubborn, but he never stops thinking . . . "

Rock concerts, multimillion record sales, zooming boxoffice receipts—a part of the time, of the here-and now, the music, the music of the spheres; and astrology, as it should be, is an integral part of the overall rhythm.

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