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"led Zeppelin is Here..."


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Rock Talk by Lisa Robinson

Tucson Daily Citizen Tucson, Arizona April 05, 1977

Led Zeppelin is here. And, "If I don't get onstage in Dallas Friday night I'm going home to live in a tree," cracked Robert Plant, whose 1975 auto accident and recent tonsilitis prevented Zeppelin from performing here for over two years. Zep arrived at JFK airport from London on a Pan Am flight then quickly changed over to their private Boeing 707 for the flight to Dallas and a week's rehearsals.

Jimmy Page looked fabulous wearing brown leather riding boots outside of beige jodphurs, and Robert's hair was cut slightly shorter than remembered. They seemed in great spirits about beginning the U.S. tour.

The plane Zeppelin will use for the next few months is divided into four sitting rooms (with couches, no beds) and has the usual bar. Zep revealed that, for this tour, John Paul Jones may play second guitar on some numbers and even sing a few songs.

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