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Audio/T/V/Xbox360 Question


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Right here goes,

Recently got a new flat screen HD t.v which has an audio output (red and white), I have an xbox 360 linked up to my t.v via a HDMI cable and the picture and sound is awesome. But I wanna get my xbox 360 coming through my big hi-fi speakers as well.

Now when I had a playstation 2 I use to plug the red and white leads from the PS2 into the DVD input on the amp and the yellow one into the tele then select the DVD option on the amp when playing, and it worked fine.

Things seem to be a tad more tricky with a 360, I want to keep using the HDMI cable from xbox to tele cause that's better quality that a standard AV cable with red, white and yellow leads (not hd).

Have asked various shops, currys, dixons etc (people in u.k will know who they are) and some said run a red and white lead from t.v audio output into amp, one said use a digital optical cable from xbox into amp, but my 360 does have an optical socket, what about optical cable from t.v to amp?? That's if t.v has optical socket. Confusing isn't it!

Amp has various inputs, cd/dvd/tuner/phono/tape-aux etc etc and a line out socket too, and t.v has a few inputs and outputs too.

I'll stop waffling now cause I'm starting to confuse myself. Can anyone tell me how to get this problem solved? If so please do.


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the HDMI has both audio and video digital signals. A optical from your TV to your receiver will work, or if your receiver has HDMI switching, plug the HDMI from the Xbox to the receiver and run another from the receiver to the TV.

All digital cords are the same (OPTICAL, HDMI,DVI) so spending more than $20 for a digital cords makes you look like an idiot. there is no difference in quality between cheap and expensive.

youre the second one to ask about the XBOX 360 hookup.

You may have to fiddle around with the Tv menu to output the digital audio signal to your reciver that comes from your xbox. you may not have to anything at all.

I have mine Xbox360 running right to the receiver and i have HDMI switching so i have only one HDMI cable running to my TV but i have 3 HDMI cables(Xbox,Tivo,Bluray) to my receiver.

you can also purchase the componet cables (Red,green,blue and somtimes an extra red and white) it will have a digital audio out and the video quality will not be hurt that much in which you will notice, unless youre me and i notice shit like that. the componet cables are the analog version of the digital signal thats in the HDMI.

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