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Bonham: Down On His Farm..


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Bonham: Over The Hills and Far Away....Chris Welch interviews Bonzo at his farm 21/06/75..........

bonzo says.."I was never into Farming at all. I wasn't even looking for a Farm, just a house with someland. But when I saw this place,something clicked, and I bought it back in 72"

SHOWING OFF HIS CAR COLLECTION......He say's.......This is the Hot Car Shop, that one is a 67' Corvette with a Seven litre engine. This one is a 1954 two door Ford with an Eight litre engine. You get guys coming past in a Sports Car who think it's an old Banger, Until i put my foot down. It's an amazing Car, look at all the Chrome inside. She'd only done 10,000 when i bought her.......

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