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Making a Perfect Album Side from the PRESENCE LP

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Your Mission, should you decide to accept it, is to make what you consider the perfect album side from all of the songs on the PRESENCE LP. Based in the fact that 26:53 can be crammed onto one album side, as we can see from TSRTS, then that's the maximum time you have to work with.

My Perfect Album side from the PRESENCE Album:

Nobody's Fault But Mine -- 6:27

Candy Store Rock -- 4:07

Hots On For Nowhere -- 4:43

Achilles Last Stand -- 10:25

Total Time -- 25:42

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See, the problem here is that Presence is already perfect (IMHO etc). To me Presence & IV are the two that are faultless, the others all have some minor (I said MINOR, people! :P ) imperfections (Flame suit ON... )

What you're asking us to do, in effect, is choose which songs we could do without - and on that album there isn't any song I can do without. So I just can't play this game - it can't be done.

Now if you want to try the same thing with I, II or ITTOD for example, that would be different...

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I'll revise the Presence track order as follow, because For Your Life will be on side one, which I now consider perfect. (Note, NONE of the songs are "thrown out"... just rearranged, ie The "Boxed" set ..)

So now, this is --- my final answer ! ! !


Side 1:

For Your Life

Candy Store Rock

Hots On For Nowhere

Nobody's Fault But Mine

Side 2:

Royal Orleans

Tea For One

Achilles Last Stand

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