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As a regular long-time fan, collector and historician of Led Zeppelin I'm very proud to present my site to all the fans around the globe (it can be easily located at http://www.argenteumastrum.com).

In the past I've been gathering and posting many rare memorabilia (ticket stubs, ads, posters etc) on one of the sections of my site. Since the official Led Zeppelin site was relaunched, revamped and excellently extended, I am no longer active on those old stuff. The official site is their natural home.

This site is dedicated to gathering and archiving every information related to the group. Sam Rapallo, the moderator and host of this site is open for every new info. But what more important, I too managing database but in the opposite to the official website, I'm concetrating on unofficial (bootleg) recordings of the band and I'm trying to provide the best on-line bootleg information. (It doesn't means that the other excellent sites are worse than mine. Perhaps they're all much better in many things. I'm just gathering and publishing informations in one single place to everybody's comfort and easy using.)

Now I'm appealing to You, dear Led Zeppelin maniacs, that if you have any new info related in any way to any tour date, studio or live recording (either confirmed or unconfirmed or still undiscovered), please feel free to share with it with me and Sam. We both trying providing the best standard in information about Led Zeppelin studio and live career and I hope my site will be a nice supplement to this official database.


Argenteum Astrum, the owner and webmaster of Led Zeppelin Database (www.argenteumastrum.com)

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