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HOUNDED in Brooklyn


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I just had to share with you all another BUK adventure in RocknRoll. Another one of my fave new bands, who seem to get amazing kudos from anyone who takes the time to listen, but no matter, struggle to get an audience. Sound familiar?

Well since Earl Greyhound are a sorta local band (Brooklyn), I have kept a lookout for a chance to see them live. I missed a few opportunities, while they toured out west with Chris Cornell. I think that their CD Soft Targets is a breath of fresh air with a new take on some old musical vocabulary. They re-invigorate without re-hashing and do it with incredible dexterity.

I found out about them though my buds on Thornleyfans because like all Thornley fans we crave the Zep. I've humped them repeatedly on the Led Zep message board. It seems like a perfect mix, to me.

I've shared this:

"Along with Earl Greyhound there seems to be a revival in a classic vein. Thank God I don't have to listen to the oldies station to hear good music. I am so sick of hearing the same-old, same-old. This is NEW old and damn good! Give it time."

And this:

"I have to say that the Earl Greyhound CD has an incredible freshness and immediacy that has Zep unabashedly at it's core. It sounds loose and live and is amazingly well composed. When one of the songs pops up in rotation, it POPS UP! It is a joyful noise."

I turned my son Dane onto them and he and his buds devoured the CD and have become devotees of the HOUND.

Having seeded my minions, I now had my crew to go to the show so I didn't have to be the "weird old lonely guy" at the show. It was at a place called the Public Assembly in Brookyln. A small warehouse, pretty cool setup, but small and a sonic nightmare. They were the 2nd band up on a bill of 4. The first band, suffice it to say, needs a good talking to. I have no idea what THAT was all about.

When we got to the show, a bit early, of course outside was Matt and Kamara. It always seems weird to meet someone I perceive to be so extremely talented, that creates such a moving piece of aural emotion, to actually be just a "real person." Kamara was outside sitting on the curb, hunched over her blackberry texting away. We gave her the big hello and she told us that a few new cuts would be unleashed tonight. Justin, Dane's bud, was an over the top fanboy and needed a cold shower.

We turn to go in and Matt meets us by the door and seems shocked that we know him. Another really TALL guy! Just a gentleman and a gracious dude.

We endure the first band, about 100 of us, and as EG setup, I start to case the crowd for Hound fans. I find a few and they are stoked to have the opportunity to see them in such a small venue. Most music fans I meet like this seem to be other musicians. Musicians supporting musicians. What a concept.

I see them doing their own setup and tell Justin to go help. He hesitates but winds up getting them water. Waterboy! He is thrilled.

We are pumped and they hit the stage with SOS. The sound is harsh and brash. They tear it up. For any other band it would be the closer. Great harmonies, very funky bass, sexy vocals, ABSOLUTELY ROCK STEADY drumming and thick slabs of guitar. A great look, a killer sound, and great compositions. I would love to have heard some more of the pop tunes to mix it up, but they did only have 45 minutes or so.

The new ones have some new rhythmic explorations and vocal stylings. Almost in the prog realm on some of the song structure and length. We were jumpin' and movin' like lunatics as their sound careened off the walls. The place was stunned. They wrapped up with "Monkey" a 10 minute heavy/frenetic Zep stomper/raver.

Ricc Sheridan with his gigantic bass drum is an astounding drummer in the Bonham tradition. His timing and fills are unexpected and thrilling. The band is very tight and really play off each other well. At times during free jamming they are "eyes closed and feedback doodling" but all seem to hit the change-up on the mark. Ricc, a journeyman of many styles of rock drumming, shared with me that he gets bored easily. EG with all it's change ups and mixing musical styles keeps him interested and on his toes. Sounds much like my boys in Thornley.

Matt and Kamara have very different singing styles; he the cool passionate rocker, she the part banshee, part machine gun vocal stylist. Whether she's wailing like a siren or spouting sassy staccato verses her vocals are like another instrument. The more pop tunes, that they did not include in the set, that my son saw them do last New Years Eve, really showcase their harmonies too. I wish I could have heard some of them. I'm never satisfied.

They finish their set and begin to break down their equipment. I see Matt walk by with his 2 guitars and ask him if he needs some help. He says "Sure!" and so we load him and Ricc out. We all hung out for about 45 minutes after. I find out Ricc is almost my age and we share a crapload of favorite music. He even knew Big Wreck! I could have talked music all night and have a million questions to ask Matt about his musical influences.

they are going out on tour for a few months and you all should check them out if you can. If you are Thornley fan, a fan of REAL authentic classic rock re-arranged in a new way, trust me, you need to check out Earl Greyhound. Here's to hoping they blow up! They deserve it.

Earl Greyhound

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