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  1. New Big Wreck! Standalone single collaboration project to kick off 3, 5 song EPs during the coming months..... sounds like summer! https://youtu.be/S3UfWkg4kOs
  2. LIVE right now at a drive-in show!!!
  3. Big Wreck are one of the finest bands around today! Just caught a look at the setlist! It's a KILLER set with MANY surprises! https://nugs.tv/live-webcasts/5,1344/Big-Wreck-09-2020-El-Mocambo-HD-Toronto-HD-ON.html A teased setlist
  4. Road trips are always worth it!!!!
  5. Jimmy Page should produce them!!!
  6. Here's a rocker!!!! Voices!
  7. LIVE (pro-shot) from Nashville.... Big Wreck..... KILLER!!!
  8. What did you think of the show in general??
  9. GREAT review! But for the Sun - Go GET IT!
  10. New Big Wreck is out... VERY ZEPPY! But for the Sun - Go GET IT! https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=OLAK5uy_m5-xDdr1elXF3oVrdM0m90nJUBC6WO6R4&fbclid=IwAR2mhoxSebRTZgJi_ukj0d9XC_e0Pue9cv8tSPZ_BcOYtkNZz1Tk8C8Jxnk
  11. Looks like August 30th album release date! One More Chance "music video" radio? edit Full track My first impressions.... One More Chance Opens with a distant riff with echo of the room and then the band close up rocks in. This has a very ZZ Top at their most ballsy feel, to me. It has a very deliberate pace. As we hit the chorus it’s backed by screming Brian May orchestrated guitar! That THICK tone that permeated the Sheer Heart Attack album. It’s subtle in the midrange but there is a high whine over it all, like screaming high echoed guitar in the main riff of Dazed and Confused. It always MADE that riff on the record for me. The effect sweetens the chorus immensely. The choruses on this entire album are awesome! The verses get back to ZZ business and hot Ian solo run. Another verse/chorus and it drops into doubletime while Ian dances some serious Billy Gibbons honk around. This should SO segue into Caught My Eye. The rhythm section is PERFECT! The high ride and fills propel as Ian’s soloing weaves in and about. I LOVE that little “weee-ooot” bend. There is also a rhythm guitar fade up near the end that chuggs up and I want it to build, but it’s just a 2 bar tease. I LOVE that! ZZ Queen! Billy May Gibbons!
  12. Locomotive!!!! Jimmy lives on in his children!!!
  13. And here it is.... the new single.... IT KICKS SOME ZEPPELIN-ESQUE ASS! https://youtu.be/-Oy5QoZiUVw
  14. Will you look at that! New Big Wreck on the way!
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