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MEMORIES: Led Zeppelin San Francisco Jan 9th 1969


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Led Zeppelin

Fillmore West

San Francisco

Thu, January 9th 1969

In my first year of college, and away from my home in Los Angeles, my new best friend suggested that we go see this guys (Jimmy Page) new band since he was pretty hot in the Yardbirds. I was game at the time since I really enjoyed the scene at Fillmore West and my newly found "hippy" life.

I went on the first night (Thursday) of their four night gig. The line-up was Country Joe and the Fish, Led Zeppelin, and Taj Majal - back then all the bands played two complete shows per night - same fans all night - somewhat strange, but that is the way Bill Graham did it!

That first night the Fillmore was only about 2/3 full - and as was typical of concerts then, everyone had their space on the floor which was rarely intruded uopn - even upfront. Well after enjoying a cool, but mild set from Taj - Led Zeppelin came on stage and literally (no exaggeration) blew everyone away ! Mind you - the first album had not come out yet, so nobody was familiar with the songs. Country Joe followed with everyone still in shock, then Taj came back, then Led Zeppelin returned and completely killed whoever had survived to that point - I knew right then and there that the band I was seeing would be "enormous" for a very long time! Country Joe's follow-up set was seriously anti-climatic.

We returned on the next night (Friday) and the crowd outside the Fillmore was huge - the show sold-out and I heard that over 1000 people were outside, unable to secure a ticket. Same intensity as the first night although I believe that Country Joe was shaken and embarrassed to be so upstaged.

I did not go on Saturday night, but I returned on Sunday however I was unable to secure tickets. So we hung out by the sidedoor in hopes of seeing the band - and we did! They pulled up in a rather plain station wagon and I carried on a very short conversation with Jimmy and my friend with Robert - we asked to be let in with them, but to no avail - we did go home very happy!!

I have seen Zep 12 times and have stories and memories of each - too much to carry on here.

Thank you for your interest - my pleasure to respond - it was a magical time!

Offical Led Zeppelin Site Member Name: Wearnntearn


Wearnntearn has just shared with us one of the earliest eyewitness accounts of a

Led Zeppelin concert ever posted. I'm pleased and proud to report he shall be in the O2

on December 10th, 2007.

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