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Dream Set


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Soon enough Mr Plant may realize that his so-called fate has more to do with generating joy for others than accumulating personal pleasures (privately and professionally) at this stage of his journey. So when the so-called spirit moves him to front Led Zeppelin for a trek around the globe, here’s what I wish they’d play:

*yes, tis a subjective dream set, but when you imagine Led Zeppelin hitting the road soon, what songs do you hear?

Whole Lotta Love

How Many More Times

When The Levee Breaks

Thank You


Achilles' Last Stand

The Rover

Ramble On


Trampled Under Foot

Going To California

Over the Hills and Far Away

Dazed And Confused

Stairway To Heaven



Immigrant Song

final encore

Rock And Roll

Bron Yr Aur (dark stage/overhead exit track)


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