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Wembley Empire Pool '71 "Magick"


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I cant find this bootleg anywhere on the net - Ive found out that its called "Magick" and is/was on the Tarantura label. Any help would be much appreciated. :)

The Empire Pool gig was the one and only LZ gig my mum attended who is a huge Led Zep fan (she got me onto them) and I thought it would be nice if she could 'relive' it so to speak as she always goes on about how great it was!

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11-20-71, sources 1 & 2

Magik (Tarantura) & Electric Magic Show (Apple, Electric Magic, & Mad Dogs)

The "Electric Magic" label is the only title with a full show, accomplished by mixing 2 tapes of the show. It relies the most on the better sounding tape. The poorer sounding tape has been tweaked to the point of creating sound that shouldn't be present. It's not the usual "metallic" sound from this label, but something just as bad, degenerating the sound.

The other three titles are entirely from the first tape source. They are highly "marked" so it's source knows who's doing what with their tape. Tarantura and Apple's titles have the same musical content and are virtually identical in all respects. Mud Dogs musical content is different.

Tarantura and Apple are missing Tangerine and most of Moby Dick. Mad Dogs is missing Whole Lotta Love. Both versions have tape problems throughout the show. Most of them match between titles but there are some that are unique to each label.

Mad Dogs runs too fast and is from a higher generation tape

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