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This is a song I wrote about Lord of the Rings.


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Drink my friends

And you will see that what you dream will become reality

Seven layers from hell deep inside this draining well

Cross stitched silky clothes

This man is out to get me

As I sit down to smoke my pipe and drink my wine

This dark evening in the countryside

Burns all the light to the other side

My little village of little ones

Scared and frightened of the pounding drums

I give away my precious to the wizard wearing gray

And then I went my own way

Now the figures in black

They ride on their horses right into town

They’re trying to find me but never will

For my friend shall wear the crown

Now I’m on my way but not in the road

To Prancing Pony my friends and I go

To see the wizard that Frodo knew

Gandalf had not appeared

So they went on chased by Black Ones

Hoping they’ll disappear

And now the ring must be taken to the fires of Mount Doom

Thrown in the fires

Thrown In

Thrown In


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