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Glastonbury 2009


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Ok so first of all, the organisers announce that this year will be different.

A portion of the tickets will go on sale much earlier (October) and will remain on sale until they are sold out. As a result, the headliners will also be announced much earlier.

Then in April, the remaining portion will go on sale until the entire allocation has sold out.


1. The headliners are yet to be announced and in fact they already were this time last year. So not only have they not done it earlier, it's actually later instead.

2. According to organisers, the festival is now totally sold out and therefore the only tickets to go on sale in April will be the ones that are cancelled between now and then (I almost put Zen:P)

So, what about the people who thought "I'll wait until the line up is announced and buy in April instead"? I mean isn't that totally unfair on them? Or am I getting this all wrong.

I already have my tickets so I'm not moaning for my own sake but does anyone else find it strange?

On the same subject, Springsteen is heavily rumoured to be headlining and there is a gap in the middle of his european tour dates that would suggest he has the space for it but does anyone know anything about his delay on announcing UK dates?

I can't remember if there was ever a big delay like this between Europe/Ireland and the UK dates being announced.

Anyone find that a little odd too?

More importantly, anyone got any information on this?

Thanks in advance :)

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Glastonbury organisers seem to change the ticketing system according to the current market. They frequently went on sale before any acts were anounced so it's nothing new. I actually think this system is the best as Glastonbury regulars will have all been able to get theirs, which hasn't always been the case in recent years. I've been a number of times since 1983 and it's never really been about who's headlining; there are always plenty of good acts there. And there have been acts heavily rumoured to be playing so everyone's had the chance to check them out, even if they don't all end up playing.

Regarding Springsteen, is he deffo playing the UK this year (apart from Glastonbury?) - he played here last year.

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I know it's not about the headliners and I agree with that but to say one thing and then do another is quite odd. Especially when they've basically mis-lead alot of people along the way.

Springsteen is almost certainly headlining I think. I mean, he's left the dates clear and today it was announced that he's doing a Hyde Park Festival the night after he's supposed to be doing Glastonbury so the timing is right.

I'm not sure he'll do any non festival gigs in the UK this time around as it's a small tour. I thought if anything he'd do London and that'd be it but now with the Hyde Park festival, maybe not.

We'll see I guess :)

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