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  1. I'm sure they would have played arenas up and down the UK had they existed before then. They'd played 2 nights at Wembley Empire Pool, 2 nights at Alexandra Palace, headlined the Bath Festival in 1970 and tentatively set to headline Knebworth in 1974.
  2. The O2 concert was a fitting end, should that indeed be the case; they went away on a high having played a wonderful concert and I'm so glad that with the release of Celebration Day, everyone can see the performance.
  3. I don't think I've ever really read anything by RP other than related to specific events like the O2 in which he indicates any willingness or desire to reunite Zeppelin. That doesn't mean he's not proud of his past work, and there's no reason not to include it in his own shows. The same argument applies to any musician that plays material from their previous bands. To suggest he should reunite Zeppelin or not play the songs is extraordinarily petty.
  4. Surely RP has every right to play his songs however and with whoever he wants...?
  5. RP made it clear months before the gig that as far as he was concerned it was a one-off. Presumably the rest of the band were aware of his stance too...
  6. I've seen the set list for the current tour - I'm giving this one a miss, not much for me there, which is a shame as they're one of the best live. I first saw them in 1981 and last saw them in 2011...
  7. Also hence the 'white line' visuals at the O2 on the screen.
  8. Ok, so even if his heart really isn't in it for whatever reason (he doesn't think it can really be Zeppelin without JB, it's not what he wants to be doing at his age, he's got new musical ideas to explore etc etc) Robert should really agree to a Zeppelin tour because it's what you want, and anything other than what you want is selfishness on Robert's part? Ok, that sounds fair, and not at all selfish of you...
  9. I don't really see the point in ordering two months in advance when there's every chance prices will come down...
  10. Those look like computer graphics rather than images of the real aircraft - nicely done though.
  11. He's obviously had an interest in Welsh history and mythology for a very long time, possibly going back to his childhood.
  12. It was what it was always going to be. Had it been a.n.other rock band the place may have been full of rock journalists asking pertinent questions. Led Zeppelin attracts mainstream press as they are headline news beyond the music press and that brings with it journalists asking the questions we saw yesterday. But hey, they dealt with it really well, all three of them. I'm hoping we'll get some further interviews, perhaps individually, in some of the better mags - Mojo etc. soon.
  13. JPJ lacklustre? That's not how I read it at all - it's more of a very British and dry sense of humour that perhaps translates as disinterest to some non-Brits. The three of them seemed fine in each other's company - I really think some people are over-analysing sometimes. It was a rather moving press-conference; oh to have been there!
  14. I'd like to have known what, if any, other songs nearly made the setlist...
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