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  1. I've seen the set list for the current tour - I'm giving this one a miss, not much for me there, which is a shame as they're one of the best live. I first saw them in 1981 and last saw them in 2011...
  2. One of my favourites from the day - very apt choice for Knebworth too...
  3. The weather was very changeable that day, sunny for half an hour then torrential showers. Pink Floyd's circular screen, which spent all day leading up to their set face down to the stage, filled up with rainwater bulging the screen alarmingly. They had to cut the screen off and release the water, meaning Floyd had to perform with the circular ring behind them, unable to show their films due to the lack of screen, and it was absolutely pissing down by then. Great day though, some very memorable performances.
  4. Latest edition of Record Collector. Haven't read the article yet;
  5. Sad news, good that they're going out in style though. Luckily got the chance to see them 6 times between 1985 - 2005.
  6. Last concert was Robert Plant last; prior to that I saw Dutch prog-rockers 'Focus' in Cardiff two weeks ago. It's the first time I'd ever seen them and they blew me away - fantastic musicians and a great set. Thijs van Leer and drummer Pierre van der Linden are from the celebrated 70's line-up and the current guitarist & bass guitarist are worthy replacements. I can't wait to see them again.
  7. I have never had to queue (and almost certainly never will again) for so long at a merchandise stall. It must have been at least an hour - and that was the day before the concert!
  8. Mine's framed and residing in the Vale of Glamorgan:
  9. AC/DC at Birmingham last night - what a fantastic gig it was too. Hard to believe their ages when you see the energy that goes into it, especially from Angus - just amazing.
  10. Is this thread an early April Fool's joke?
  11. Absolutely. That's why I went.
  12. The show I saw was just a few thousand as he wanted to play theatres with the best acoustics. He did play much larger venues elsewhere, including three nights at the Albert Hall as well as outdoor shows. Obviously it's not on the scale of a Pink Floyd stadium tour, but the point stands that for those of us who are genuine Floyd fans, we don't need all the bells and whistles. Maybe the casual fan does.
  13. I have seen Floyd live a number of times. Yes, they had great lightshows, inflatables and all the rest of it, but it was always about the music as far as I was concerned. I also saw David Gilmour on the last tour, when he played with many of the musicians who played with Floyd as well as Richard Wright. Had Nick Mason been there it would have been a Pink Floyd show. David had a minimal lighting rig (albeit with one laser at the end), no projections, no flying aircraft or inflatable pigs. Just great musicians making wonderful music to a very appreciative audience, who's attention was very much kept.
  14. Interesting quote from Paul Rodgers recently (sorry if reported elsewhere): When informed that Jimmy Page is, once again, itching to go on the road, and Robert Plant is seemingly happy to remain doing his own thing, I asked Rodgers the obvious question: “What would you do if Jimmy came knocking on your door once again?” Rodgers’ reply will surprise you. “I had never joined an existing band until joining forces with Queen. I formed Free with Paul Kossoff, Bad Company with Mick Ralphs and The Firm with Jimmy Page. Each of those bands had their own separate catalog. If Jimmy and John Paul were to call tomorrow and ask me to take on Led Zeppelin’s music and continue their legacy, I would have to say ‘no’. However, if they were interested in creating some new music, then that would be a different story.” http://www.goldminemag.com/article/Follow_...Rodgers_Part_4/
  15. The song uses death or decay as a metaphor for a failing or non-existing relationship. Ozone is an air pollutant that can have harmful effects; thus 'Ozone Baby'.
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