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Few quick questions from a new guy to the board

Joe Schmo

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Hello fellow Zep heads. Like all of you, I am the world's biggest Led Zeppelin fan! This is my first post on the board. Forgive me if I am bringing up topics that have already been covered.

I would love to go to the show in London. If I can get tickets, i still may. My questions are as follows:

1. To anyone who was able to get tickets for the 12-10 show, how much did you pay?

2. Keeping in mind that these guys are sixty years old and haven't played together in quite a while, how good do you think they will sound? Honestly.

3. It's my understanding that Page, Jones and Jason would all like to do a tour but Plant is the lone holdout. Anyone heard anything further on this topic regarding a full tour?

Thanks so much!

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Hey there,

I haven't got a ticket so I can't answer the first question.

I do know however, that Jimmy has transposed and rearranged the songs because Robert Plant has trouble singing the high notes, his voice changed as he grew older. So it wouldn't be exactly like they sounded in the seventies but I'm sure they'll be awesome on the night! Just not exactly the same as we accustomed to hearing them. :o And Pagey's guitar playing was a bit rusty but I hope they'll manage to put on a great show on the night!

About the tour, of what I know, it is more than likely there will be one. I know from a very good source (someone who knows Page) that there was to be a 6 month long world tour to follow the O2 reunion gig... but Robert Plant is the one to blame if it doesn't happen because he doesn't seem as keen as the rest of them! I heard they have The Cult as a support act for the world tour.

I guess we'll find out soon enough!

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