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so if you're in a band, tell us about it.

we havent jammed in forever so we have practically broken up. but anyways, these are our bios from or MySpace profile.


Started by Zach Doyle and Nick, the band first played in Nick's basement. The band just took on a new keyboardist named Drew Kessler. Nick Doyle left shortly after Noah joined but Noah's services with the band were no longer needed. we have now aquired Nima Rafiei whos plays bass now and is amazing!

Zach Doyle: "Well...lets see. My main influence was the Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page. His riffs are incredible and I love to play his work. I am entranced by how he works the guitar. The way the note are played and the bends. I am impressed with that. Not the shitty grinding, tremolo picking really fast that most bands do today. The only problem is, we drop to many damn songs to make and album. I'd say we we're inspired by Zeppelin. *laughs* I also have been inspired in to doing a lot of covers. Not just Led Zeppelin... but Black Sabbath, Cream and

other bands coming out of English during the 1970's. I mean I grew up on all this crappy music and I looked at the past like 60's and the 70's and thats when all the hard music was being played. All of the good riffs are taken! *laughs* Thats when all the good bands came from England and they still are the best and to play that stuff I just run my Gibson Les Paul standard into a Marshall cab and I jam with my band. Use the violin bow like Page and the Crybaby Wah. It's that simple."

Nick : "Zach and I got to the same church and I saw him all the time. I love the drums and have a Tama set with Zildgen cymbals. Our parents knew each other and I knew his bro from religion classes. I love to play drums, he played guitar and we started Mid-Night Sun. I'd say I have mostly been influenced by John Bonham, Lars Ulrich, and Niko McBrain. And Iron Maiden as well."

the link for my band is on the bottom. we have a one song uploaded currently. its called "Irish Hill Side," its like White Summer/Black Mountain Side. (you can hear laughing in part of the recording. long story)


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^^ ^ Interesting stories!

I picked up my drumsticks after a looong time and started from scratch. At one point I was practicing with 7 bands, one of them (called Rambel On - http://it.myspace.com/rambleonrock) semed to have a future, but in the end I was suffering a little because of the really bad english of the singer and mostly because the guitar player never practiced well.

Now I'm in a new band with a girl who has a great voice and knows English quite well. We're called Soundbridge and for the time being we're playing pop rock covers.

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