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  1. ^ Enjoying all the posts on this thread but OMG These are sooooo good! Go Jimmy! Thanks for posting.
  2. ^^ It does look like a selfie! Like lots. Thanks for posting.
  3. ^^ Something to enjoy in all of these - like the last one's nostalgic feel.
  4. Friday special
  5. ^ Nice one
  6. ^ Not envious - much! Nice photobomb by the dd-bus
  7. ^ Hope you have another chance to play soon Maike. Meanwhile, something else to enjoy
  8. Yes
  9. ^ Lovely images to start the week-end with Maike. Thanks for those. Yes, the lady from Lez Zep is not wasting a second of her tiime with Pagey All the very best to you & your band for Sunday - what will you be playing?
  10. [quote name="lipslikecherries" post="801768" After looking at recent pictures, I think it'd be cool to see Jimmy in like a fluorescent blue shirt. Can't say I blame him though, my closet used to be filled with only black clothes because... they just look good.
  11. I always think his studio shots give away the sharp mind behind the genteel exterior
  12. He looks so cool in that first one
  13. Welcome to the forum Renakat Enjoy!
  14. Just made it to the week-end & need a little light relief