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  1. Aloha, Mr. Hand.......
  2. Im not in love ~ 10CC
  3. ... its officially Summer and the sweltering heat is on. ugh Think i'll move to Phoenix
  4. The Book of Souls - Sat. night in San Antonio / with Ghost opening. Should be a killer show....
  5. Take The Long Way Home ~ SuperTramp
  6. Thanks man , one of a kinds are running out.
  7. it figures... fuck this thread
  8. time has come today ~ Chambers Bros
  9. wtf is all this squabbling about^^^ start another fuckin thread , entitle it - " I dont agree with you , Because" Btw... My across the street neighbour died yesterday. Mean old bastard , 84 yrs old , one of those " Gran Torino " type old codgers , but i'll miss him. He once called my dog a shit machine LOL
  10. Yes, here we all are having a jolly good timeAnd everything is working out fine, ha ha ha ha ha
  11. good times ~ Eric Burdon and The Animals
  12. one more time
  13. Im not one for pointing out shiddy bands ... but my god man . Thank fook they didnt attempt doing The Rover (and if they did , i dont want to hear it)
  14. wtf... daily distractions , distract me.