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  1. Im keeping lewd alive ...
  2. Take One Last Look ~Tom Waits
  3. They do that in Texas too. Wilco has Stormtroopers .
  4. defy the laws of tradition.......
  5. Recently , thats my new Mantra " just a matter of opinion" and/or "Larrry youre bastard"
  6. Not to mention her fallen fallen arches ...
  7. wars
  8. Best Primus ? Early Primus was the best Bob , ya just had to been there to soak it alll in. Its just a matter of opinion .........
  9. It is waht it is Bob lol but frizz;lefry is my fav .....
  10. me = Pariah
  11. glide
  12. veteran of the psychic warS ~ BOC