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  1. Sorry dude, its not an "unintelligent" question or post, musicians like to discuss gear. Having a bad day?
  2. Huh? "Like a Rolling Stone"? I am sorry but I wouldn't call that a great song, not even in the same league as Zeppelin material. Yeah, at times Page was guilty of "borrowing" riffs and arrangements. However, lets take a close look at the stuff Jimmy wrote on his own such as Ten Years Gone, Achilles Last Stand, The Song Remains the Same, The Rain Song. The guitar work is stellar, nothing compares, I am sorry bother.
  3. Please excuse me if this has been asked before as I am new to this forum, but a long time Zep Head. I was just wondering if there are any players out there and if so, what guitars, basses, amps and drum kits do all have? Me... GUITARS G&L Legacy HSS Fender Stratocaster (4) Gibson LesPaul (2) Gibson Explorer ESP Eclipse PSR Torero Yamaha Bass Taylor 210 Acoustic Yamaha 12 String Acoustic AMPS Orange Dual Dark 100 Orange Dark Terror Mesa Boogie MK3 Egnater Renegade Fender Deluxe Reverb Marshall DSL 50 Fender Mustang 100 What do you have???.........
  4. IMO, the BEST is not only about playing ability, but also being able to write great songs. Jimmy may not be the greatest player, but no one wrote better songs.
  5. The guitar tone and sound of That's The Way is soooo smooth. It sounds like Jimmy has his pick slightly on an edge and that was how he got that "soft" effect. Its truly beautiful.
  6. The guitar tone and sound of That's The Way soooo smooth. It sounds like Jimmy has his pick slightly on an edge and that was how he got that "soft" effect. Its truly beautiful.
  7. In My Time Of Dying
  8. Down By The Seaside Going to Cali
  9. 1) Led Zeppelin IV 2) Physical Graffiti 3) Led Zeppelin III 4) Houses Of The Holy 5) Presence 6) Led Zeppelin I 7) Led Zeppelin II 8) Coda 9) In through Thew Out Door
  10. IV...its a masterpiece.
  11. I saw a poster of Jimmy with his double neck Gibson and wearing a nazi hat. I said to myself "who is that guy", I found out, and the rest was Zeppelin every day.
  12. Not at all. He has his moments yes, as everyone does. But I would not call him sloppy.
  13. That's The Way "And yesterday I saw you kissing tiny flowers, But all that lives is born to die"
  14. There are none to me...they are all "rated"!
  15. I remember hearing about how evil Zep was back when I was a kid in the 70's, especially Page. Then I herd the old backwards Stairway thing and started to wonder if I should be listening to this Then...I wised up and threw all the BS away. The world is full of evil and unfortunate happenings, it will never spot. Even if Page decided to stop his "evil doings", that stuff still would have happened.