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Eman the Epic

Does anybody know what Magic Mike looks like?

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11 hours ago, Patrick Aloyysiuus said:

suicides are rarely posted in obits ,not something you want relatives friends to know about  

True.  The vast majority -- read nearly all -- suicides and ODs are not reported and the circumstances of the persons demise are almost NEVEr posted in the obit, if there is one.  "Died unexpectedly" is often the preferred language.  If anyone has Lexis-Nexus you might be able to find something, if you know where the alleged "Magic Mike" and his mom lived.

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oh yea totally, there would never be an obituary that says cause of death or anything, but I was talking about the news itself before any posted Obituary or Funeral news if any was posted.

The official California Death Index may not list the cause of death either due to privacy and HIPAA laws, but it will certainly list the name in the Index list.

I also have connections ya know.  Im not going to mention specifics and towns, but my cousin has been an LA Cop for almost 40 years in LA County.  I wont mention the towns but it covers the whole area.

California Death Index, 1940-1997

Deaths between 1988 - 1992, these are the only possible names assuming the Millard was born prior to 1948 and some of other births are mid/early 1930's and 1908 era


David Wayne Millard - Born 13 Sep 1948 // Death 05 Oct 1990

Eric Jerald Millard - Born 19 Sep 1963 // Death 18 Feb 1989


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On June 3, 2016 at 9:32 PM, reswati said:


He did in fact commit suicide in 1990.

Most likely he was this guy:

This guy came up on google, I was curious too. Looks like that guy, but the dates are way wrong, lol.


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Posted (edited)

We have video of the legend Freezer that kicks ass, but nothing of Mike Millard. Sucks. :(

Speaking of: 


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