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  1. I hate to say it but Jimmy is in no shape or form to play on stage or tour. This is what Jack LaLanne looked like at age 73 and confirmed with a similar photo from GRIT NEWSPRINT MAGAZINE ~ JULY 12, 1987 and he is 73. Nothing is impossible, but Jimmy would need some serious workout and exercise; which would eat up even more time EDIT: This thread is from almost 10 years ago
  2. It's always nice to see people talk out of their ass and make a mockery out of things. I could take things to another level and discuss how I had a small puddle of blood on my bed sheets by my chest area when I was 11 years old with absolutely no medical explanation. I've always had a special communication with all forms of animals and insects. I remember clearly when I was 4 years old, my mom almost has a heart attack when she saw me playing with a handful of Bees. I actually remember it clearly and was talking to them telepathically. There was about 5 of them playing in my hand
  3. Seriously.... I'll admit I've done that a few times recently
  4. Pink Floyd is designed for 5.1 , Zeppelin is not
  5. Took me a while to figure out what TU stands for. I've noticed lot of areas where Under Foot is 2 words and others merge it into 1 word
  6. It's a real freak of nature that while I was researching various things on this subject my 2 dogs started wigging out and getting excited. This happened on multiple occasions. Nothing bad, but normally act like this when they are getting a treat. The are both Poodles and considered up there as one of the smartest dogs. 1 is a small toy poodle - Male, and other is 3x it's size, smaller and a mix Poodle and Maltese - Female. No other noises or talking other than the TV being on.
  7. Common now, your gonna force me to read all that. Everything is all theory. I never said fact and neither should you. So it's a fact Jupiter is hollow and does not have a solid surface when nobody has been physically inside ? This could be why Jimmy never talks about this publicly and what you hear is maybe has total different meaning and not evil that people do no understand I also figured out who the Whore of Babylon is, but can't say anything more because my post will be deleted for violating rules. All I'll say is 1947 was a very special year that many things occurred.
  8. Did he communicate with you verbally or through your 3rd eye ?
  9. If you think that's all crazy nonsense. Not sure if it was ever discussed on here what happened in Pasadena California. Jack Parsons and L Ron Hubbard or someone else who opened a Portal hole based on one of Crowley's Rituals and it's on the same Parallel line as other UFO spottings around the world and happened just before the Roswell New Mexico crash which happens to be on the same Parallel line as well. This ritual upset Crowley so much that Crowley reorganized the lodge on the basis of these actions removing Parsons from power. I figured out the meaning behind Jimmy's daughter's name Scarlet Page . Even though Scarlet Page does not have red hair, the young girlfirend has red hair and her name is Scarlett too. Just Google Scarlet Woman along with Thelema and Jack Parsons and will find lots of info
  10. Jimmy still is involved with the occult and alchemy. I'm not religious but I think this backmasking was done intentionally. It's not only the studio version but message is clear backwards in live performances. It's been well documented certain words forward can mean other things backwards, and heard this statement before the internet.
  11. That hippie with the headband cracks me up. What year did they start phasing out ? 1973 ? I think Riley Martin is the last person who still wears one
  12. The Firm has some great riffs, but overall something is very odd and off with the music in general and just can't get into it. I like Outrider much much better
  13. Originally It looked like there was not enough room to write in that small space to fit HMMT and shortened it, but Over lyrics crept into my head and realized it was the original title. But still, is this a version we never heard of. With the latest re-issue releases and the wacky names they used and they are different version, it's making me assume this is a version we never heard of yet
  14. Ive seen him say that in the past, but he's still a real pompous douche that is wrapped up in the LA Yuppy scene.
  15. Dave is a @#$ who wears mascara, I never respected him or his music
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