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  1. I hate to say it but Jimmy is in no shape or form to play on stage or tour. This is what Jack LaLanne looked like at age 73 and confirmed with a similar photo from GRIT NEWSPRINT MAGAZINE ~ JULY 12, 1987 and he is 73. Nothing is impossible, but Jimmy would need some serious workout and exercise; which would eat up even more time EDIT: This thread is from almost 10 years ago
  2. Seriously.... I'll admit I've done that a few times recently
  3. Took me a while to figure out what TU stands for. I've noticed lot of areas where Under Foot is 2 words and others merge it into 1 word
  4. The Firm has some great riffs, but overall something is very odd and off with the music in general and just can't get into it. I like Outrider much much better
  5. What is that large silver circular object above Bonhams drums ? Some sort of spinning lights ? Some shows from '73 have that but some shows and the MSG movie I don't remember seeing it. There is another picture like this but zoomed out and have a wider angle and can see the large Silver object and those smaller hanging fish bowl lights above Bonhams head
  6. Woodstock '94 was like that too and renamed to Greedstock. Like $5 bottle water, over $12 for a small crappy microwave pizza and something about special Script Money - Woodstock money to avoid corruption ?
  7. There was some kind of money issue too from what I remember. Peter Grant wanted 25k up front before they played. Not sure which night it was, but when Plant introduces No Quarter, he thanks Bill Graham. Not sure if that was a subliminal jab - Quarter = 25
  8. I saw this band called Brutal Truth and said the F--ing suck and the singer saw me and almost everyone turned around, then the singer started threatening me and almost jumped the stage..hahah Another time I saw the Def-Tones and was telling my friend how bad they sucked during their performance and guess a fan next to me got super offended and wanted to kick my ass. Not sure about early years, but can't see anyone booing Zeppelin and not getting their ass kicked. There were riots just to get tickets.
  9. One of my fav boots is the Bron Yr Cottage sessions. Not sure the exact name of it but it's in a blue box that I got long time ago. I don't think I've seen anyone else release it
  10. I don't recall anything with a Pirate symbol or anything. There a few shirts I've seen and was mostly all Pre-Zeppelin. Ruffled by the chest area and some shirts with ruffles at the cuff area too
  11. maybe the book coming out this October ?
  12. I'm not sure who started the blouse thing. Mick Jagger, New York Dolls ? 1967 Jimmy was wearing blouses technically and lot of ruffled shirts that looked from 17th century. Pretty sure I've see some photos of Jimmy with Andy Warhol, there was a whole scene going on there too
  13. I can't really think of anything major but more will come to mind 1 - I kinda hate all photos of Jimmy wearing sunglasses in '77. Some are really cool but others just too kinda creepy and depressing in his drug daze and thin body posture. 2 - Not sure about '75 and have to see but some '77 shows Robert is little too giddy and has an annoying laugh, but seems little fake or too many times he says like a HaHa short and quick. Not sure if he was tweaking on pills but seems it a bit. At end of few comments he do that quick laugh. I agree about White Summer and out of place and others have mentioned Rain Song being out of place in the 1980 shows. Not enough videos, - God today with Cellphones would be epic to see some of the Hotel shenanigans going on.
  14. I don't think the sexual overtones were major. Meatloaf Bat Out Of Hell is a total masterpiece. Nothing should be changed with that
  15. I look forward to anything new, just hope it's not over $300 for 1 show
  16. Technically the other thread - What are you listening to is 99.9% bootlegs and a duplicate thread
  17. John Davis seems like a real schmuck. Why on God's green earth would they butcher the whole Paris show track list ? I personally would never spend money where the track list ended up in the blender and the listing is not even correct order Typical logic is if it ain't broke don't fix it, but they seem to have made things fucking worst by being lazy. This is pure BS. If Empress Valley can release 1 song on a CD, why is Jimmy and Davis lazy to not do the proper disc order. Big friggin deal if only 2 songs are on 1 CD or what have you. I find this very insulting and slap in the face. Their laziness and excuse is like last time, but fuck me in the goat ass If I'm going to cough up $200 for a botched up job
  18. I don't feel like starting a new topic but I knew this would happen. Page & Plant get drug across the globe to attend some stupid court while Plant has to cancel dates..etc. NEWS: Led Zeppelin is asking for up to $800,000 in fees from the losing party in the “Stairway To Heaven” trial http://www.hollywoodreporter.com/thr-esq/warner-chappell-demands-800k-fees-909270
  19. It was a popular term back them. I remember my dad saying Led Zeppelin was acid rock. He was not into that music at all and grew up before Rock and Roll and listened to Big Band 1940's music.
  20. LOL, as much as Robert haaaaaaaaaaated Stairway, can only wonder what went through his mind during this madness.
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