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  1. Fanatic Pictures

    Indeed I did. It had been a long day before the show began, as I had purchased my camera gear earlier that afternoon, which took a bit of time. You might imagine how much adrenaline had been going through my system for nearly half a day - between the shopping for the equipment; arriving early enough to get through security; and then the show itself, ha ha!
  2. Fanatic Pictures

    Well, since it was 40 years ago today, thought I'd share a glimpse of how much anticipation I had, for their appearance in Louisville, Kentucky, on April 25, 1977. The following are scans from the calendar for that year, which I used, to [mostly] keep track of shows that I attended, that year.... Head over to this link on photos, to see what came of my efforts that night: April 25, 1977 - Freedom Hall, Louisville, Kentucky photos
  3. WLL4LZ, You are most welcome! Happy to have you comment that you enjoyed the images, and that you thought you could gain a slight "feel" for what the experience of the performance might have been like, from the images captured at that concert. Cheers! Michael
  4. For those of you visiting these posts to possibly see photos from the Louisville show in '77, and who are not members of this site: You can see many - but not all - of the photos I've shared here, but I would have to direct your attention to the "Timeline" for the 1977 tour - http://www.ledzeppelin.com/show/april-25-1977 Cheers, Michael
  5. PlanetPage, You are most kind in your description of these photographs. I feel fortunate that I was able to get a mere handful of satisfying images from that evening, on a personal level, but I am happy that others find them pleasing.... as you so nicely detailed here. Thank you, again!
  6. Hello badgeholder. You are certainly welcome!
  7. LZ77, You are most welcome. I just hope everyone who downloads these, respects the spirit in which they were shared on this forum, and keeps them to themselves [as they are copyrighted works of mine].
  8. Round # 2, in which the color images commence.... once I made my way to the floor:
  9. I just happened to check in, after some time, and noticed that many of the original photos that had been posted here, fell off the landscape. After contacting Sam, it turns out that the original images that were sent to him, and used on the Timeline, are fine, but those posted in the forums have disappeared. For that reason, I will attempt to re-post them.....there have been some changes since I first did this, so please bear with me while I sort that out, and attempt to put them up again for viewing: Let's try this chronologically, more or less.....
  10. A few more for your viewing pleasure; this time, of The Who.....and for more on that show, you can have a look here: http://michaelconen.wordpress.com/2012/11/16/the-who-live-at-rupp-arena-lexington-kentucky-july-11-1980/
  11. Hello David! I stand corrected, as I defer to your expertise on all matters of song sequence and thanks!
  12. PlanetPage, Thanks very much for the kind words - and patience! Happy to hear that they were worth posting. I may get around to posting one more "treatment" of the Robert Plant photo, later in the week, as I feel it has another feel to it.... Take good care! mc
  13. Well, a few weeks turned into a few months..... I've worked on the last images that I think are worth sharing [the remaining pictures would only interest the hard-core fan, since they are out-of-focus, or simply not that good]. The previous image of Robert Plant was always a personal challenge, to try and resurrect from the shadows, and I think I've finally managed a decent working image for you to see, now: In addition, I will share two more images that do not compare with the others that I have already posted, but *may* interest a few of you....... Sadly, I was not able to get any clear color snapshots of either, John Paul Jones, or John Bonham, principally because I was shooting from the audience, and it was not possible to move around on the floor, in order to get a clear angle to work from. Keep that in mind when looking at the next image, which was taken during the finale of "Stairway to Heaven" [i'm pretty certain].....One of the few moments that a cymbal wasn't blocking John Bonham's face, from where I was positioned: The final image I am posting, is of Jimmy Page. This snapshot was taken whilst sitting on top of a stranger's shoulders, during the encore of "Rock 'n' Roll". You might imagine what the crowd was like, during those final few minutes of the concert, especially in the area stretching from the first 50 feet, or so, from the stage! My new friend was completely caught up in dancing happily along to the song, while I was on his shoulders, attempting to take a few [unblocked] photographs! The resulting images were *very* blurred -- but I decided to play a little with this negative, and see what it would reveal........ Not for everyone, I am certain, but interesting......hardly looks like Mr. Page, aside from the stage garb, but I think the profile of his face, and the way the colors came out, make for an almost "painted" image. I'll let you decide its merits: This is all there is, for the foreseeable future, as far as the frames from the Louisville, 1977 show are concerned. Thanks for the comments, and interest, and I hope somebody finds an image or two that they thought was worth their time
  14. This will serve as a "two-in-one" posting....I've recently uploaded pictures of The Police, from 1982, to my blog, with some words about the show: http://michaelconen....y-april-4-1982/ And, for you guitar enthusiasts, I also posted my photos of the incredible Richard Thompson, of Fairport Convention fame, from his one-and-only tour with his wife Linda Thompson, in the U.S. ...... also from 1982: http://michaelconen....na-may-29-1982/ Here are a few samples from that performace....
  15. Another few snapshots that I've recently worked on, of The Pretenders, from the 1980 Tour to share. More photos can be found here: http://michaelconen.wordpress.com/2012/11/23/the-pretenders-at-louisville-memorial-auditorium-louisville-kentucky-september-4-1980-the-preface/