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  1. Friend! Roman! Countryman! You do not even live in my country though! Please respond back! It has been like 5 years since we last spoke! Maybe more!


  3. If your into a sort of Jazzy Latin sound: De Lata Jorge Aragão Rosa Passos Jussara Silveira
  4. I made a delicious meal of chicken parmesan and soft pretzels. All thanks to good ol' Martha Stewart.
  5. I'm surrounded by people who believe Zeppelin is the devil's music and that no decent young lady should listen to such rubbish. They are just wrong and are trying to get me to conform to their wrong opinion. I just call them ignorant swines.
  6. I don't get out much so the farthest I've been would be Toronto, Canada.
  7. Found out that a turban is very comfortable...especially for someone with long hair
  8. It's so true! I'm glad I'm not the only one.
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