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  1. I can understand this. I play the hi-res download files and the vinyl albums from the deluxe box sets but I've never played the CD's. I only keep them to keep the sets in complete form but they'll probably never be used.
  2. That's the chance you take when you let Rosco P, Coltrane steal your thunder. Suddenly, you're left holding onto your CB radio handset in a smartphone world.
  3. Another strange annoyance about the deluxe box set. I went to frame the numbered print for display along with the prints from all the other sets. For some reason, the BBC print is cut at 12.5" x 12.5" (actual album cover size) compared to 12" x 12" like all the other prints. I had a frame left over after mounting the other prints and obviously wanted to use that frame for the sake of convenience and uniformity. The BBC print will not fit in the frame without trimming the edges. Again, a minor complaint but a strange decision in compiling the box set.
  4. Minor gripe but I'm a little perplexed as to why they changed the design of the deluxe box set. The box itself is somewhat less attractive than the previous ones and they downgraded to a paperback book. Minor details, of course, but it doesn't make much sense to change the presentation after 9 releases.
  5. The BBC set is available on Tidal now, I just noticed. I'll probably check that out until my box arrives.
  6. I pre-ordered from Amazon. Then there's this...
  7. Prince was definitely my favorite artist back in the 1999/Purple Rain days when I was just starting high school. I listened to him non-stop over the course of several albums back then. Interestingly, the middle to late 80's was when I really began delving into Led Zeppelin and they deposed Prince as my favorite. I haven't kept up with all of Prince's material recently but going back over his albums since his death has reminded me of how amazing he really was. I guess the difference is that I discovered Zeppelin posthumously while I loved Prince in the moment. Playing my old Purple Rain vinyl last weekend really brought back some memories. Prince's music was the first music I listened to that my parents really didn't get. In fact, if they had listened closer, they probably wouldn't have allowed their 13 year old to be listening at all. My mother was a bit shocked when she sat down and watched Purple Rain with me on video. Since I had already watched the movie about 5 times by then, she figured that I couldn't "unwatch" it at that point. She basically relaxed and watched the whole thing with me. I can remember sitting by the radio waiting for When Doves Cry to get its hourly play and the high school dance when I heard Purple Rain for the first time. It's probably only a matter of time before we see re-releases of Prince special edition albums. If his vaults are stocked as well as Prince himself had claimed, they could make for some great listening. It's never too late to discover or rediscover a musical genius.
  8. Your display looks great. I have to agree that "Pod" is one of the most worthwhile and surprising outtakes. I have to wonder what it could have become if the band had revisited the track. It reminds me the most of "All My Love" if I had to pick something that could have evolved from it. With respect to the companions in general, I have to agree with you there as well. There are some great things but a lot of wasted opportunities as well. I've put all of the HD tracks into one huge playlist and often play the whole set on random. With some songs, I have to perk up my ears to distinguish between the companion tracks and the originals. Aside from that, I don't listen to the companion audio a whole lot except for Coda. I've found that the sound quality of the acoustic material improved the most. I don't know if it was due to the remastering or the hi-res audio but the acoustic songs (and the softer portions of other songs) are awesome. "That's The Way", "Going to California", "Babe I'm Gonna Leave You", "Since I've Been Loving You" and "Down By The Seaside" all come to mind. As for the books, I have to give them another look since I recently paid a visit to the optometrist and I can actually see again.
  9. The companion disc to ITTOD would have been exciting if it featured Ozone Baby, Darlene and Wearing and Tearing as previously unreleased tracks. Obviously, not the case. As it is, there really isn't much to get excited about. Most of it is barely distinguishable from the first disc upon casual listening, with In The Evening being the biggest exception.
  10. All better now? Everything in its correct place, I hope.
  11. Agreed. Many people have criticized the companion material, perhaps justified in some instances. I appreciate the opportunity to own all these tracks with such exemplary sound quality. Even if one only considers it to be "bonus" material...what a bonus. I would have been overjoyed with the remastered catalogue, brand new vinyl, hi-def downloads and all the other great visuals in the box sets. The companion discs are oh-so-sweet icing on the cake.
  12. "10 Ribs..." is a wonderful track. It certainly doesn't mesh with the rest of the Presence material. To me, it sounds like an early precursor to All My Love. Both keyboard-driven pieces unlike much else in the Zeppelin canon. Jimmy's guitar tone on the lead over the acoustic is similar too. Definitely, one of the most striking and important new tracks. Great find by Jimmy. Bizarre title though.
  13. Nice catch. I had the TSRTS print there just because I've had it for a while (and I mounted the others quickly this morning). They will be swapped.
  14. My LZIV SDBS had some damage on the vinyl. Amazon sent a replacement and the box was pretty beat up. I kept the old box and substituted the new vinyl (and the lower numbered print from the second box). Amazon received the scratched vinyl packaged in the damaged box.
  15. I have not had the chance to give all the new discs a proper listen yet but I was happy to complete my display of the prints. Those last three frames have been empty black squares for too long. Of course, I had to create my own TSRTS print for the sake of symmetry. I resisted the urge to number it 1/30000.