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  1. LordStanley

    Super Deluxe Box Set, TSRTS

    Sadly, my main motivation to buy this SDBS is simply that I bought all the other ones and it seems a shame not to complete the collection. I have TSRTS on vinyl. I have the movie on Bluray. I can stream the tracks in hi-res over Tidal. I've even made my own 12 x 12 print to mount with the others. At least, the Bluray audio disc would have been a nice addition. As it is, I kind of feel like I'd be spending all that money just to have the cool box to set on my shelf with the others.
  2. LordStanley

    Super Deluxe Box Set, TSRTS

    Except that they're also selling this. They just didn't bother to include it in the $200 super deluxe box set. Just the lower res DVD instead. Along with the DVD of the movie instead of the Bluray that has been around for years. Some of the reasons that TSRTS is the only SDBS that I'm still undecided about buying.
  3. LordStanley

    Super Deluxe Box Set, TSRTS

    The 5.1 audio is on DVD instead of the hi-res Bluray and even the movie itself in the box-set is on DVD instead of HD on Bluray. Pretty lame for a supposed Super Deluxe presentation, in my opinion.
  4. LordStanley

    New "Song Remains The Same" 2CD/4LP/3DVD Deluxe Set

    Kinda sounds like what Robert is doing now. Except he became famous first.
  5. LordStanley

    Led Zeppelin 50 Years Later - The Economist (Article)

    Exactly. Semi-drunk white geezers dancing to AC/DC at a wedding reception is never a pretty sight. "She told me to come but I was already there"...ewww And do they know what the Village People are singing about in YMCA? I think not.
  6. LordStanley

    New "Song Remains The Same" 2CD/4LP/3DVD Deluxe Set

    I see the Amazon price is now $218. It's on Importcds for $176. Getting more palatable. https://www.importcds.com/song-remains-the-same/603497859405
  7. LordStanley

    New "Song Remains The Same" 2CD/4LP/3DVD Deluxe Set

    Thanks, mate. A work in progress. 😎
  8. LordStanley

    New "Song Remains The Same" 2CD/4LP/3DVD Deluxe Set

    And honestly, what's the deal with the first 2 DVD's in the not-so-super deluxe box set? It's 2018 for crying out loud. Who the hell wants the movie on DVD instead of Blu-ray?
  9. LordStanley

    New "Song Remains The Same" 2CD/4LP/3DVD Deluxe Set

    The completist in me would, of course, like to own this release but $250 is pretty salty. I already own TSRTS on vinyl and the movie on Bluray. It will almost certainly be available for hi-res MQA streaming over Tidal like the rest of the re-issues. Hell, I've even made my own 12 x 12 print for display. I might have to pass on this release unless the price drops dramatically, as in 40-50% off.
  10. I think it has something to do with acknowledging your source material. Similar in a sense to Zeppelin themselves losing some respect by omitting the sources of their early blues songs at times and being sued later for royalty payments. Heart and GVF are admitted Zeppelin fanatics. When Heart cribbed the ALS drum pattern or covered Rock and Roll, you kinda knew they were doing it out of respect. Same with GVF because they admit as much. I read an interview with the guitarist of Kingdom Come way back when and he said that he had barely ever heard any of Jimmy Page's playing. He said that he was more influenced by Hendrix and others, I believe. Now, some rock guitarists might not be heavily influenced by Page but to say that they have never heard his work....that's kind of a stretch. Especially when your album is a second-rate Zeppelin knock-off. As you wrote, maybe it was something they said. Not to mention, nothing on their album was as good as Still of the Night.
  11. I agree with this perspective. A Zeppelin-like album to me would represent one that is not afraid to jump all over the place with different styles and experiments without losing the hard-hitting, bluesy influence. I'd throw The White Stripes' Icky Thump out there as an example. Jack White is willing to throw a lot at the wall to see what sticks in the same way that Zeppelin did. More of the spirit of Zeppelin as opposed to slavish imitation.
  12. I wasn't suggesting that GVF were anything close to Led Zeppelin in quality. I just meant that they were the latest to try.
  13. Greta Van Fleet's From the Fires EP is the latest. At least, they acknowledge that they're trying to sound like Zeppelin unlike others who've pretended that the similarities were just a coincidence.
  14. If your components are hooked up with an HDMI cable, you should be good to go. Just make sure that the audio track on the disc menu is set to DTS-HD. Some discs default to PCM stereo.
  15. So the Super Deluxe Boxed Set comes with a DVD in Dolby Digital surround instead of the Bluray in DTS-HD Master Audio? WTF? Not so super or deluxe, in my opinion.