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  1. Here is Peter Criss and Paul Stanley dressed up as Nazis attempting freak out to Gene Simmons. Ironic that Paul Stanley is Jewish and wearing the outfit.
  2. Since the beginning of the year, Catholic churches have been desecrated and vandalized in France... coincidence?
  3. I still think this concert is underrated for 77.
  4. Didn't he retire the Fender Jazz Bass in 75 because he was having issues with it?
  5. I am still on the fence and Amazon has it discounted to $42.00.
  6. That's a tough one. I always love the stuff he throws in for "The Song Remains The Same" and also some those funky breaks on "In My Time of Dying" during Jimmy's slide solo.
  7. Would not change a thing. Greatest album ever made!
  8. I take more offense if someone is referred to as "partially hetro."
  9. I wonder if they will re-release the film in theaters to coincide with the release of the reissued soundtrack.
  10. He will never win another major. The other players are not intimidated by him anymore.
  11. Rewarded by a deeply satisfying morning poop to cleanse the mind and body.
  12. I can never listen to those two songs the same way again! Funny shit!
  13. I agree with For Your Life mostly because Page's guitar solo on the studio cut is one of his best(in my opinion) and he could not replicate it live. But I still love the O2 attempt. I have always loved Over the Hills live and most of the live versions I've heard (3/4/75 my favorite) has always blown away the studio version even if Plant's voice could never reach those high notes ever again which I know turns alot of people off.
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