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  1. Live better than Studio

    I have to agree with Strider. For me, Plant's vocals are the star of the song, and for the most part, he always held back a bit. Notice how he'll sing the first half of a line (Hey, hey mama said the way you move) in a high register while singing the second half of the line (gonna make you sweat, gonna make you groove) in a lower register. The only time I've ever heard him sing all the high notes the same way as on the album is the very first live performance of the song: Belfast 1971. This is the only live version that I think can compete with the studio version. It is absolutely ferocious:
  2. Beautiful Women

    If this keeps up someone should do an "expanding brain" meme for it.
  3. How The West Was Won II

    I just used Movie Maker. I'm on W8. Is it not available on Windows 10?
  4. Does anyone else think this is one of the best Plant vocal performances captured on tape? I'm listening to this track again and I'm really moved by the emotion and feeling in his singing. All at once, his voice is heartbreaking, joyful, and longing. I'd put it right up there with The Rain Song and Since I've Been Loving You (among others) as one of his finest moments in the studio with Zeppelin.
  5. How The West Was Won II

    Not to toot my own horn here too much, but this thread inspired me to create a "Best of LA 77" Youtube playlist. I went and downloaded the different shows off of Black Beauty and mixed the different recordings together to make it sound like one complete concert. I did the best I could at making the songs and Plantations complete and unedited, although a few tweaks had to be done here and there. I actually made two separate playlists: one using only the Millard tapes and one compiling all six shows. I realize some of my picks may be controversial (I chose Kashmir from the 21st rather than the 25th for example), but we all have our differing opinions and views. If you don't like my picks, feel free to make a playlist yourself. Here's the Millard only playlist. I included Communication Breakdown in the encores and moved OTHAFA to its position in the June 22nd setlist (after the drum solo) to make the concert flow better and prevent it from losing momentum: And here's the playlist of all six shows. For this playlist, I added It'll Be Me to the encores, and inserted That's Alright Mama from the 26th into the acoustic set: Please note that I am a complete amateur at all of this. I used Audacity for editing and assembling each of the songs. No Quarter, and the drum and noise solos had to be split into parts as well. I didn't want to risk doing one complete video in case one of the songs triggered a copyright claim. Anyways, my goal was to try to make it sound like one glorious concert with switches to different tape sources depending on which night I chose to use for which song. Hopefully everything will stay up! Enjoy it while you can!
  6. Beautiful Women

    Well...they're nothing if not consistent I guess! Or maybe they have a thing for letters. Who am I to judge?
  7. Live better than Studio

    To be honest a better question would be which songs you don't prefer live. For me, the vast majority of Zeppelin's songs are superior live. The improvisation, the energy, the unpredictability. I find myself rarely listening to the studio versions anymore. The live versions of The Song Remains the Same or Trampled Underfoot for example are on a whole other level compared to the original versions. Celebration Day, which you mentioned, is another great example. To be perfectly honest, I find the studio version to be a bit dull. But live...HOLY SHIT! Just insane energy from start to finish. And if you thought TSRTS was incredible, you should definitely check out the versions from 1971. The word explosive was invented for stuff like those.
  8. New 10/9/72 upgrade

    Anyone heard this yet? LED ZEPPELIN LIVE Vinyl (2017 upgrade) - Net Source Lineage: Bootleg Vinyl Record (No Label Credit) > 96.0KHz/24bit WAV > Sonic Stage Mastering Studio SBM 44.1KHz/16Bit (Super Bit Mapping) WAV > EAC > FLAC Bron-Y-Aur Stomp is from 10/4, but the rest of the release is a portion of the 10/9 tape, apparently sourced from vinyl and cleaned up. It came out on Dime a couple of months ago but just got uploaded to Black Beauty. I just did a listen of Stand By Me and it sounds much warmer and brighter to my ears. Any thoughts?
  9. Beautiful Women

    If you're trying to post an image, you must be doing something wrong. The above quoted text is all that appears.
  10. John Davis is "Mastering" Led Zeppelin

    If it really is a new live release and Southampton is the only thing being released, then that'd be pretty disappointing tbh.
  11. New 10/9/72 upgrade

    Here's an upload of Stand By Me from this upgrade for those who want to have a comparison with prior versions:
  12. Polishing The Boards

    It's mislabeled. That version is from Copenhagen 7/24/79.
  13. Favorite Whole Lotta Love Medley or covers

    Well, I guess I should know better than to put absolute words like "always" when it comes to favorites like this. Mine keep changing! I will say that, currently, my favorite version is Tokyo 9/23/71. Holy shit, words do not do justice to this version. The length, the songs (Good Times Bad Times! How Many More Times! Tobacco Road!), Plant pushing his voice to its limits, and that crowd. By god, they sound like they're about to explode! It's a wonder anyone survived!
  14. Best Heartbreaker Live

    I agree with others here about 9/14/71 and 9/29/71. Exceptional playing from Jimmy. 3/16/73 needs to be mentioned as well. (Heavy. As. Shit.) My "sleeper" pick is the first night in Osaka, 9/28. Okay, the sound quality isn't as good as the next night, and Jimmy flubs a few notes when he does the hammer-ons, but listen especially to the part after the rest of the band joins back in. Jimmy seems to be improvising and experimenting a lot and absolutely kills it!
  15. Gary, I just want to thank you not only for sharing the tape but for being a true stand-up guy in the way you've handled this whole thing. In the underground world of bootleg recordings, Zeppelin fans can be like a pack of wild dogs sometimes, but the way you went about informing us and transferring your tape should be used as an example for anyone else who has an unheard recording in their possession. I've seen some people who hoard their tapes and like to rub it in people's faces that they will never get to hear them. I've seen others who tease us with their tapes but then never follow through or else behave like an ass. But you kept us informed and have been so nice during this entire process. You've instantly become a legend in the Zeppelin underground and I'm sure your tape will be enjoyed by many for years to come! By the way, pay no mind to that asshole over on the Royal Orleans thread. I don't know what his problem is, but I hope it doesn't sour you on the Zeppelin community as a whole. The vast majority of people I've encountered here are intelligent, thoughtful, and decent. Sure we all have our moments and there are a few (who shall remain nameless) who are a bit...difficult, but I think I speak for 99% of everyone here when I say that we are eternally grateful for you releasing your tape to the world!

    One version that I almost never hear people talk about (though it has been mentioned a couple of times in this thread) is 5/18/75. I've listened to this a couple of times and I think it may just be my favorite NQ from 1975. Jones absolutely kills it and Page's solo (to my ears) is almost as fluid as his solo on TSRTS. Great recording too.
  17. Best female rock vocalist

    +1 for Susanna. Beauty, brains, talent, she's got it all. And she still looks amazing today! As for my favorite female rock singers (besides Susanna): Ann Wilson Janis Joplin Debbie Harry Grace Slick Amy Winehouse Tina Turner Cass Elliot Aretha Franklin Okay, some of those may be a bit of stretch to call "rock", but whatever.
  18. Top Five Boots From Each Year 69-77

    Sorry, I should clarify: the tape starts in the middle of Dazed and Confused, which was the song performed after Heartbreaker, meaning that, at least as far as I know, we do not have a recording of Heartbreaker from 8/23 Fort Worth. You must be thinking of a different show.
  19. 3/12 best show of 1975?

    The thing that shocked me the most about this gig when I first heard it was the high energy level. Considering how weak Plant's voice was in 75, not to mention Jimmy's sticky fingers, it often took a couple of songs for the band to truly warm up. Here, they're hot right out of the gate, and aside from the TSRTS screw-up, the band stays white hot throughout the whole show. To me, the only other real contender for best show of the year is the 3/21 Seattle show. If/when a soundboard comes out for this show, I think one could easily assemble a killer "best of 75" compilation based just on these two shows.
  20. Do you know the name/label for this? Would love a PM for a download link if anyone has it.
  21. The Rain Song

    Seattle 7/17/73. Jones is forced to switch to piano IIRC because the mellotron was failing. I think it really brings out the beauty in the song, even more so than TSRTS. Plant sings it really well too. Definitely a unique version that's for sure!
  22. Top Five Boots From Each Year 69-77

    Wait. The tape for Fort Worth 8/23 starts in the middle of Dazed and Confused. Are you sure you're not thinking of a different show? Or do you have a different version that no one else has?
  23. Listening to it right now. Sounds awesome Gary! We can't thank you enough for taping and sharing this with us. This serves as an excellent alternative to Millard's recording!
  24. The Rain Song

    It is indeed a lovely song and I adore the way it's put together with The Song Remains The Same. It goes from thunder and galloping fury to tenderness and warmth. A perfect encapsulation of "light and shade". The lyrics are beautiful and the way Robert sings them so sincerely is what puts it over the top. Easily in my top 10 favorite Zeppelin songs. As a side note, I always found the Harrison thing a bit weird. I'm guessing he'd never heard of Thank You?
  25. Top Five Boots From Each Year 69-77

    Well shit I'm an idiot! I saw above that you eliminated anything that was part of an official release and then I listed one anyway! In that case, I'd replace BLAC with 6/15 Uniondale. Outstanding show with great sound quality (minus Beavis and Butthead and friends not shutting up).