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  1. Let's say you get a time machine and can go back and attend only one Led Zeppelin show. I know a scenario like this has been laid out before, so here's a couple of caveats to make things a bit more interesting: 1. You cannot attend a show from which a recording currently circulates. 2. You cannot go back to a show that you personally witnessed (if you were lucky! ) With these restrictions, what's the one Zeppelin show that you would go back to and why? Ultimately, I would go with the 8/19/71 Vancouver show. Firstly, because it's from 1971, a year when the band could seemingly do no wrong and were firing on all cylinders constantly. Secondly, I'd get to hear the songs from the fourth album debut in North America for the very first time. That means no loud applause during the intro to Stairway. None of the band going through the motions. I'd get to hear them when they were still fresh. Thirdly, I'd get to hear Plant's voice in its prime. The general consensus is that he began to go downhill with the LA show two days later. Not to mention, his voice already sounds a bit hoarse at the start of that show. I'd love to be able to hear him back when his high pitched singing was still effortless, and also determine if he maybe pushed himself a bit too far at this show as well. And finally, it's the first show of the tour! Who knows if the band were more determined than ever to kick ass, and thus tossed in a few extra goodies with their usual setlist? There's a user who posted in the timeline entry for this show who claims that they played Gallows Pole, an electric version of Tangerine, Friends, Bron Y Aur Stomp, left Moby Dick out of the setlist, and played Dazed AFTER the acoustic set. It sounds way too good to be true, but I'd love to know for sure! The only issue I can foresee is that the crowd was reportedly VERY rowdy that night, but I'd be more than willing to sit way in the back to stay out of the melee. Anything just to experience them live. I'm very interested to hear what your picks will be!
  2. Your Led Zeppelin Time Machine (with a twist!)

    I should clarify that when I said "you cannot attend a show from which a recording currently circulates", I meant you can't attend a show that has a recording of any kind currently available in any way, whether it's official or unofficial, or whether it's a soundboard, multi-track, or audience tape. It has to be a show that no one (outside of those who were lucky enough to attend) has heard yet.
  3. Next Soundboard Release

    The soundboard portion of the 11th runs from No Quarter to The Battle of Evermore. No idea when/how it got out, but here's Ten Years Gone from the soundboard:

    Someone actually did something like this on Youtube, where they combined the intro and the solo from TSRTS with Jones' piano solo from the May 24th Earls Court show. It's not perfect, but it's still quite interesting to hear.
  5. My personal remaster of Trampled Underfoot from 5/24/75

    No problem! Glad to hear that you enjoy it.
  6. I made a remaster of Trampled Underfoot from Earls Court 5/24. I did an analysis of the EQ from the DVD and tried to match it as closely as possible. I also added reverb in order to make it sound livelier. Please note that I am a complete amateur and novice at all of this. I just used the song from Watchtower's "To Be a Rock and Not to Roll" and adjusted it in Audacity. I'd appreciate any constructive feedback you all have for me. Thanks!

    Came here to say this. 6/22/77 may not have the best recording but my God is Page on fire for the solo here! John, you're spot on when you describe it as Page blasting off into outer space. Absolutely unreal. One of the many reasons why that show is easily in the top 5 of my personal soundboard wishlist. Apart from that, other versions where I really enjoyed the solos include: 10/10/72 3/16/73 3/24/73 2/12/75 3/12/75 3/21/75 5/18/75 5/25/75 6/13/77 6/21/77 6/23/77 6/26/77 7/24/79
  8. My personal remaster of Trampled Underfoot from 5/24/75

    Here's a Google Drive link with all of the songs: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1jnmTby19nFOsB7Dyr6ziJ4h4Pkpq2gMP?usp=sharing Let me know if you run into any issues playing or downloading.
  9. My personal remaster of Trampled Underfoot from 5/24/75

    Finally did a remaster of the whole show. The Rain Song and Stairway had to be removed for copyright, but it's otherwise all there. Thanks again for the feedback!
  10. Led Zeppelin's best live performance

    Welcome to the forum ALB! I like your username! In addition to 5/3/71 Copenhagen, shows where Plant sings the IV material very well include 3/5/71 Belfast (Best. Black. Dog. Ever), 8/7/71 Montreux, and 8/21/71 Los Angeles. Sadly, the latter show is often considered to be the point where Plant's vocal decline began. You can hear him tearing his vocal cords up and pushing his voice to the limit on nearly every song. Nonetheless, he kicks ass on Rock and Roll in particular. None of the shows mentioned above have great recordings, but if you can stomach them, they're great shows overall. Cheers!
  11. About a month ago, I was inspired to create my own version of the 1973 Seattle show. To my knowledge at least (feel free to correct me if I'm wrong), the only version of this show that uses the Departee recording as the main source (with the soundboard and other AUD tape patched to fill in the gaps) is the Graf Zeppelin CD set. I'm not sure how that version is patched, but it surprised me how so few releases seem to use this recording. So, I essentially used the Departee recording as my primary source, and patched it with the soundboard for the first 2/3rds of the show, and the 2nd TDOLZ audience source for the last third of the show. This included patching the brief dropouts in Celebration Day and the beginning of No Quarter. I did NOT alter the recordings (through EQ or what have you) in any way. All I meant to do was to have the most complete version of this show in the best sound possible. I am a complete amateur at this, so go easy on me! I tried posting it on Youtube, but a couple of songs got blocked, so here is a Google Drive link: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1_aI0hm2z6AUoazKuqwrWSvKqd38wlnLR Feel free to tell me what you think! Also, does anyone know how I can share this on other sites such as Black Beauty? I tried the email icon on that site but it doesn't seem to work. I'd love to share this with as many people as I can (assuming you all like it of course, haha!).
  12. What show or live song are you listening to now?

    Agreed on all points. If you're looking to try full shows, I'd recommend starting with Frankfurt. Best show of the tour, imho:
  13. Question Re: Concert Footage TSRTS

    Because Earls Court was done on video and The Song Remains The Same was done on film. It wouldn't have fit to have the movie switch back and forth between film and video.

    Until recently, there were two sources circulating for this show: the Millard source and the more complete distorted source. Recently, however, a third source was uncovered that is much better. It's still slightly bass-heavy at times, but it's nowhere near as distorted as the other one, and it's pretty damn close in quality to the Millard tape. It runs from the beginning of the show through to the middle of Dazed and Confused, and then cuts back in in time for Heartbreaker. So far as I know, there are two boots currently out there that mix these three sources for the best and most complete representation of this show: Beelzebub's "Malacum Salaam, Was Anybody Here Last Night?" and David E's "Old School". Strangely enough, both of these releases use the newly discovered third source for Heartbreaker instead of the Millard source. Based on discussion at Royal Orleans it seems David E's release is the one to seek out, although unfortunately it is not currently on Black Beauty. I listened to Beelzebub's version and found it highly enjoyable with one exception: some extensive EQ has been applied to the new source on the 2nd disc. Not sure why it was only done for those few songs, but it's so extensive that it sounds like a completely different source and is sadly a little harsher on the ears as a result (although still nothing compared to the original distorted source). Nonetheless, I highly recommend checking out this new source. With the other two sources mixed together, the worst sounding tape only runs from the tail end of Dazed to the beginning of Stairway. It presents this show in the best light yet IMHO. Here's the Beelzebub version on Black Beauty: http://starship.jpn.ph/zeppelin/beauty/disp/boot.jsp?R_idx=1018 And here's brief discussion on Royal Orleans about this show and this new tape: http://www.royal-orleans.com/phpBB/viewtopic.php?f=21&t=44698 There's also this playlist on Youtube, although The Rain Song, Dazed, and Stairway have all been muted/blocked for copyright unfortunately:
  15. My personal remaster of Trampled Underfoot from 5/24/75

    Thanks for the feedback man. Really appreciate it! I too had concerns about the reverb, but like you, I enjoy it. When done the right way, it really allows the recording to "breathe" more and makes it feel like you really are in an arena, as opposed to the at times flat sound of the soundboards. But when you add too much of it, it actually muddies up the sound. Looks like I might have overdone it a tad here. I'll dial it back a little. Never really thought about the negative aspects of trying to copy the EQ from the DVD for something that's inferior but it makes sense. I'll try and do your suggestions and then post a second remaster. If you want I can PM it to you. Also agree about the 5/24/75 source being a bit muffled and dull. It's weird because to my ears the 25th soundboard (at least on EVSD's When We Were Kings) has much better sound quality. Strange how two back to back nights sound so different! Once again, thanks for the constructive feedback!
  16. Flamin' Groovies

    Anyone else here a fan of these guys? I've really been getting into them recently and have been very pleasantly surprised at the amount of great songs they have. A shame they never really made it big.
  17. Since others are doing this, here's what my dream releases would be. I know most of these have virtually no chance of ever happening, but what the hell, it's Christmas Eve right? Soundboards of all six LA 77 shows, remastered and matrixed with the Millard recordings where possible. A full soundboard of the 9/19/70 evening show. A How the East Was Won/Best of Japan 1971 live album from the multitracks (preferably without splicing/editing - yeah right!) A full soundboard of the 6/19/72 Seattle show. A full soundboard of the 1/26/69 Boston Tea Party show (bonus if it really did last for four hours) The complete raw, unedited multitracks of the 6/25/72 and 6/27/72 shows. A "best of Earls Court" release with the audio as good as the fragments that we have on the DVD A full soundboard of the 7/24/79 show If any of these releases happen, I'll be more than satisfied. If all of them miraculously happen, I think I'll explode lol!
  18. What show or live song are you listening to now?

    The last two Earls Court shows (the 24th and the 25th) have footage of the entire concerts out there. I tried looking on Youtube for the complete shows, but the closest I could find was these playlists (which unfortunately have some songs muted/blocked/missing):
  19. Merry Christmas 2017

    Merry Christmas everyone! Hope you all have a wonderful time. Stay safe out there!
  20. Well sorry to disappoint you IpMan, but count me in as one of the 1980 "haters". It's not so much the performances themselves as much as the overall vibe I get from that tour. Plant has clearly been through a lot and seems to already have one foot out the door. Page and Bonham have become addicts and this is the only tour where I would describe Bonzo's playing as "basic". He does pretty well for the first few shows, but then it seems like he reverts to playing in a much more laid back style. I don't know if it was his health or he had just gotten bored, but he's not playing at 100%. Plus, just knowing that it was so close to the end gives that tour a rather melancholic vibe for me. Then there's the setlist. The whole Rain Song/Hot Dog/All My Love sequence is just bizarre to me. Talk about mood whiplash! It's the only setlist off the top of my head where I'm just left scratching my head wondering what they were thinking. That's not to say the tour was a complete disaster. In fact, Sue Dounim put together a "best of 1980 tour" compilation in this thread that made me see it in a bit of a different light: I just can't get over the other elements mentioned above. People talk about the dark vibes surrounding the 77 tour (Page on heroin, John Bindon, etc.), but I get it much more here than anywhere else. Hence why 1980 is my least listened to year.
  21. No problem! The 6/22/77 show is incredible. The sound quality is a bit rough, but the performance is fantastic. It contains my all-time favorite versions of In My Time of Dying, Over the Hills and Far Away, and Achilles Last Stand and the longest No Quarter ever (35 minutes!). When all is said and done, I actually think it's even better than Listen to this Eddie and For Badgeholders Only.
  22. Cuts by Mike the Mic

    Is the Goldstein source you're referring to the same one as the "Goldberg" source referenced in this Royal Orleans discussion? If so, there seems to be speculation that the Goldstein/Goldberg source is actually different from the Dragonfly vinyl source. Sorry, I should have clarified. I knew about the different sources for this show, but I never heard about the Millard recording being faulty. I guess that would explain why there are so many dropouts. Fortunately, there are other sources that sound great, so the dropouts aren't that noticeable.