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  1. About a month ago, I was inspired to create my own version of the 1973 Seattle show. To my knowledge at least (feel free to correct me if I'm wrong), the only version of this show that uses the Departee recording as the main source (with the soundboard and other AUD tape patched to fill in the gaps) is the Graf Zeppelin CD set. I'm not sure how that version is patched, but it surprised me how so few releases seem to use this recording. So, I essentially used the Departee recording as my primary source, and patched it with the soundboard for the first 2/3rds of the show, and the 2nd TDOLZ audience source for the last third of the show. This included patching the brief dropouts in Celebration Day and the beginning of No Quarter. I did NOT alter the recordings (through EQ or what have you) in any way. All I meant to do was to have the most complete version of this show in the best sound possible. I am a complete amateur at this, so go easy on me! I tried posting it on Youtube, but a couple of songs got blocked, so here is a Google Drive link: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1_aI0hm2z6AUoazKuqwrWSvKqd38wlnLR Feel free to tell me what you think! Also, does anyone know how I can share this on other sites such as Black Beauty? I tried the email icon on that site but it doesn't seem to work. I'd love to share this with as many people as I can (assuming you all like it of course, haha!).
  2. ZepHead315

    Here is my own complete version of Seattle 1973

    Indeed I did yes!
  3. ZepHead315

    Here is my own complete version of Seattle 1973

    I've since redone this source mix. This time, I used the Dadgad transfer of the TMOQ vinyl for Stairway and Whole Lotta Love as it sounds brighter and warmer compared to the JEMS version which sounds a bit dull. Here are the versions I used: * = JEMS transfer of the Dave Departee recording ^ = Dadgad transfer of TMOQ’s “Live in Seattle 1973” # = Dadgad low gen soundboard remaster + = TDOLZ’s “Complete Seattle” Track Listing: 1. Introduction +* 2. Rock and Roll #* (minor patch to the soundboard for the first notes) 3. Celebration Day #* (minor patch to the soundboard to cover for a dropout) 4. Black Dog * 5. Over the Hills and Far Away * 6. Misty Mountain Hop * 7. Since I’ve Been Loving You * 8. No Quarter #* (minor patch to the soundboard to cover for a dropout) 9. The Song Remains the Same * 10. The Rain Song * 11. Dazed and Confused # 12. Stairway to Heaven ^# (switches to the soundboard at the end) 13. Moby Dick + 14. Heartbreaker +* (switches to the JEMS source after the first few seconds) 15. Whole Lotta Love *^+ (beginning is from JEMS, end is from TDOLZ, the rest is the TMOQ source) 16. The Ocean ^ FLAC Download Link: http://www.mediafire.com/folder/ocmyn8m1y4dm7/Live_in_Seattle_1973
  4. ZepHead315

    What show or live song are you listening to now?

    Little late here, but my go to for this show is the Cobra Premium release. It uses a different main source from the more famous TMoQ and Rubber Dubber ones and, imho, it's the best in terms of a good balance of atmosphere and clarity. If I'm not mistaken, it was the version used for this upload of the show:
  5. That has nothing to do with the soundboard. It's an insert from the 6CD Wendy release of the show. SBD 1 refers to the old "soundboard" source. SBD 2 refers to other versions of the soundboard such as the vinyl on Pennies From Heaven. And the AUD refers to the audience tape they used to patch in the gaps.
  6. Boy EVSD is really trying to milk every last penny they can out of this show aren't they? I'm disappointed that they don't have WLL or Celebration Day, but at least a good portion of the show will be available in soundboard form. Anyone else think this is EVSD getting revenge for how Deus Ex Machina was leaked early? I mean, obviously the fact that it's such a legendary show is an influence here, but still...I wonder if this is the new normal, or just a unique case due to the reputation of the show.
  7. ZepHead315

    Nitpicking Page 1977

    I've always been fond of the Birmingham show. Apart from the mishaps in No Quarter and Ten Years Gone, I always thought it was a very solid show. Not on par with the LA run, but definitely a very good show that always seems to get overlooked for some reason. Another good review. I look forward to whichever show you do next.
  8. ZepHead315

    Led Zeppelin to do a Live streaming service

    The non-downloadable part is a little concerning to me. Couldn't that just mean that these shows could be available for a limited amount of time and then just disappear back into the vault? I mean I'd assume that there would be some sort of way to save the streams, but still it makes me wonder. I seriously doubt that they're going to put up subpar recordings. This is Page we're talking about. No way in hell he'd stream something like, say, the Bath 1970 audience recordings. I only hope that this is either a) stuff we've never heard before or b) upgrades to things we've already heard (ex. a previously uncirculating soundboard). Regardless, I'm excited to see what will come from this.
  9. ZepHead315

    A Better Recording Of Atlanta 1977???

    Unfortunately there is only one tape from this show that is currently circulating, and it sounds pretty crappy. If there is a remastered version out there, I doubt it's much of an improvement considering what we have to work with is pretty lackluster.
  10. ZepHead315


    I'm wondering if EVSD's (supposed) upcoming release of the 9/29/71 soundboard has anything to do with this. There's been rampant speculation/argument on Royal Orleans over whether the samples we are receiving are actually a leaked multitrack, perhaps indicating a How the East Was Won release in the near future. With the 50th anniversary having already begun, there's heightened interest in what Jimmy will release, as well as bootlegs in general. In just the past year alone we've seen a brand new audience source from 6/21/77, as well as a Mr. Peach recording of 9/29/71 surface. I would think that this is the last opportunity not only for Jimmy but also for the tapers to release something. Let's face it, they aren't getting any younger, so it's now or never. Even if the official releases turn out to be disappointing, I have a feeling that there will be a swell of unearthed tapes/releases to satisfy us diehards. At least, I hope so.
  11. Anyone heard this yet? It's a previously unheard audience recording apparently done by the famous "Mr. Peach". It's incomplete (cuts off during Moby Dick), but it's a very good recording, better than any of the other audience recordings I've heard from this show. It'll be overshadowed if/when the full soundboard of the show comes out, but it's an interesting alternative perspective nonetheless. Samples are available on Black Beauty: http://starship.jpn.ph/zeppelin/beauty/disp/boot.jsp?R_idx=2511 And here's a review of the release: https://www.collectorsmusicreviews.com/led-zeppelin/led-zeppelin-live-in-the-fairy-tale-tarantura-tcd-190-1-2/
  12. ZepHead315


    The 11th has a pretty good audience recording, although it only lasts through Kashmir. Not quite to the level of the Millard tapes, but definitely not far off either. I do wonder how the NY run would stack up against the LA run if the recording quality were the same across all shows. I favor the LA shows, but I have to wonder if that's partly bias because of the superior overall sound.
  13. ZepHead315


    The 26th just features both Bonzo and Page having an off night. Bonzo joins Jones during No Quarter a little too early, and he also starts playing Achilles Last Stand too early. The 28th is similar. Personally, I think the 28th is the worse of the two nights, but they're pretty similar. Honestly, those two shows are two of my least favorite Zeppelin gigs. Three hours of sludgy sloppiness with the whole band dragging at a snail's pace.
  14. Yeah I saw that being discussed on Royal Orleans. A real shame Tarantura botched it up like that. I understand they have a reputation for compressing/brickwalling their releases. Really hope the masters will fall into the right hands so this can be corrected one of these days.
  15. ZepHead315

    What show or live song are you listening to now?

    I did another compilation, this time of the Summer 1970 US Tour. Check it out. More info is in the video description:
  16. ZepHead315


    The lines aren't just on the lasers. Look at Bonham's drum kit. They're there too. Regardless, I too don't think this is video. The angle is all wrong for in house cameras, the picture is way too clear to be from a camera in the audience, there's no photographic evidence of any professional cameras that were pointed at the band, and everyone who was there said the video screen was turned off. I'm not a photography expert by any means so forgive me if this is a dumb question, but could the lines just be simple distortion/damage? Possibly from scanning, printing or copying the picture?
  17. There's talk on Royal Orleans regarding this tweet: Translation: "Although I dropped to BF on the way home from work, there was not detailed announcement of the new score which is still arriving on September 29. From the air raid site, this image is gone ... I wonder if some details will be announced at the end of this week ???" Just some food for thought.
  18. ZepHead315

    The Ocean

  19. ZepHead315

    What show or live song are you listening to now?

    My favorite Jimmy Page performance. He's so incredibly fast and fluid!
  20. ZepHead315

    Nitpicking Page 1977

    I'd tend to agree re LA being the better run overall, but they're pretty damn close imho. I can PM you with some recommended versions of shows to get if you want. Not saying you have to do all of them of course, but they can just be ideas for what you can do next.
  21. ZepHead315

    Nitpicking Page 1977

    Been enjoying your reviews of these shows. I know you have one more to go, but how do you think the NY shows compare with the LA shows as a whole? The only surprise to me was that you didn't like No Quarter from the June 11th show. That's actually one of my favorites. In fact, Nutrocker, the guru of the 1977 tour who sadly seems to have become inactive, said that that was his favorite version of the whole tour. Idk, maybe I need to pay more attention to Jimmy's playing, but it sounds pretty solid to me. What do you plan to do after you finish the NY run? To quote Plant, are you taking requests?
  22. ZepHead315


    I'm surprised to see some people talk about how Bonham suffered some sort of decline or was a mess on this tour. I'm no drummer, but apart from San Diego and one or two of the Landover shows, I don't see it. In fact, I think he carried the band on this tour, even more so than Robert. He took mediocre performances like Houston or Seattle and almost made them must hears based on his playing alone. Sure, one could argue he was overplaying, perhaps to cover for Page, and maybe that's not their thing, but I LOVE it. I'm honestly blown away by his playing on this tour every single time I listen to it. The LA shows get a lot of the attention, but there's plenty of other worthy performances like Fort Worth, Cleveland (more so the 2nd show), Birmingham, and the NY shows, and a large part of that is due to Bonzo. Sure, I will agree Page wasn't at his peak on this tour, but there's only a few gigs from him that I would classify as disasters. And he still had great moments, they were just fewer and farther between. I'm sorry, but I don't hear any evidence of a decline in Bonzo's playing ability. In fact, I'm agreement with a few other users: I think this was his greatest tour ever.
  23. ZepHead315

    Remembering contributors on this LZ Forum

    I really do miss Nutrocker. He was such a cool guy who always had interesting views and opinions, not to mention he was the foremost expert on the 77 tour, a tour which I really enjoy even though performance wise I know the band were a shadow of their former selves. He hasn't posted on here in 10 months. Hopefully he's doing okay and he'll return someday. I also miss Reswati. Very hilarious and nice guy who always seemed to liven things up with his posts. I know that he pissed some people off with his opinions, but he was bold and brash and didn't apologize for anything. Shame he got banned. Wonder if he still browses this forum from time to time. Oh and Craigled! He was super active for a long time and then basically just stopped posting overnight. Very strange. I always hate to see people leave here. Just hope they're all doing okay.