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  1. Look at the singer of this Uriah Heep cover band
  2. Cant believe I'm the first who thought of this.
  3. See YouTube More specific origin
  4. Some of, um, sketches of Plant
  5. Totally look like LZ, don't they (Origin)
  6. "Must..get.. some.. sleeeeep.."
  7. Jimmy and a mirrow. I used such ultra technologies like markers, scanner and MSPaint
  8. Q: What would you get if you put Plant And Daltrey on the same stage? A: This :cheer:
  9. Another Shooting Star Oh look! Another shooting star.. They disappear one by one. They look so far - And then.. they're gone. The light of stars that died long time ago Still shines to us - Did you notice this thing before? In time and light will pass. That won't be soon, but still one day Sky will be blank and dark. Somebody took our Moon away You're crying in a park. Dedicated to Richard Wright. by me :'(
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