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  1. To wake up this morning and feel the onset of as it appeared on me desktop homepage. Then a brisk little ride to the coffeeshop and back, charging on caffeine.
  2. You Didnt Have To Be So Nice The Lovin Spoonful Now its Meantown Blues, Johnny Winter
  3. Some pseudo-hippie shit. Sounds like a cross between Dave Matthews and Hootie and the Blowfish mixed with the worst elements of a jam band. It should be over soon.
  4. Release My mind is clear and the sky is the limit. Soar ya later.
  5. The Crunge aha, but by Government Mule, in their concert from last October 2007. You wouldnt believe it.
  6. yeah, I know. Life goes on, with the beautiful memories and scars. Disc 2 of the Santana debut album. The original session demos and the Woodstock set in its entirety.
  7. I find irony in your wording of passion and honesty in music. My life has been full of that, however UNFELT by others. Music has been my life force. Led Zeppelin in ways have brought me the utmost joy and love, and also brought on the lowest lows. I love the band and their music, I have to say because of them, indirectly, Ive had the most meaningful and tragic happenings in my life. The day I stood in front of the 96/98 St. Marks Physical Graffiti building in New York City, I cried my eyes out. Oh and yes, I dig Alejandro Escovedo, to get back on topic.
  8. ^ Alejandro, excellent! Superb! http://www.elephant-talk.com/wiki/David_Sy...-_The_First_Day
  9. August 31 One of the hottest soundboards of Led Zeppelin was recorded today outside of Dallas at the Texas International Pop Festival in 1969. An incendiary performance by the boys!
  10. Pause the video, capture screen, import into Paint, crop and save picture! Is that how you did it?
  11. and the EP that came with the edition given as promos to record stores.
  12. A couple off of Sticky Fingers by the Rolling Stones Sway Cant You Hear Me Knockin and Bitch
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