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  1. I posted a still from the youtube video of the guitar cord from Jimmys guitar. Some of it, the solo perhaps, very well may have been live.
  2. I think I may have spoken too soon. A mime would bum me out, but some of what we heard MAY have been live. The link to the clue. http://forums.ledzeppelin.com//index.php?s...st&p=240794
  3. I cant do a capture screen image right now, but at 2:47 of the youtube, I paused it and I can clearly see a cord ( I viewed in higher definition), whether its a remote or plug in, its there. On another thread I said buzzkill considering the mime performance, now Im not so sure. I may have to retract if it was not mimed, at least the solo.
  4. Buzzkill. Sorry but that just takes the fire out for me, cheapens it totally, ceremony and symbolism notwithstanding.
  5. A couple off of Sticky Fingers by the Rolling Stones Sway Cant You Hear Me Knockin and Bitch
  6. Dejavu Oh my bad, coulda sworn this was the What are you listening to thread.
  7. Ahmets sidekick, Jerry Wexler just died too. Wheres the respect? 02 redux.
  8. When I say conservative I dont mean just republicans. I mean the idealogy. True conserving. Anyone can exploit. From the Kansas City Star. 8-13-08 GOP, Democrats pander on about oil By Yael T. Abouhalkah, Kansas City Star Editorial Page columnist Dont take this personally, but plenty of Democrats and Republicans think Americans are pretty ignorant when it comes to oil. The politicians realize that far too many Americans are used to cheap gasoline, like to drive big vehicles, take dim views of conservation and think alternative energy is still Buck Rogers fantasy material.
  9. Its called toughshit love. A christian value, if not muslim.
  10. Why are conservatives not conservative? They want to exploit the resources and not cutback on their consumption, thus lowering the price and helping out the environment as well. Its all about more, not less. Slowing down when driving, reducing un-needed trips in the car are conservative, but that meaning goes out the window with the chest beating, DRILL DRILL DRILL proponents. Its a sham. The conservatives are liberal with their desire to exploit and deplete resources. What an oxymoron.
  11. A small hamlet on the coast of Rhode Island maybe?
  12. Theres a soundboard fragment from 5-25-73 Denver show that is clear, but a bit sterile. Heartbreaker, Whole Lotta Love Medley, Communication Breakdown are included.
  13. Crude or gasoline, people complain that we dont have enough refineries in the US to keep prices low and stable. Shipping out a refined product still undercuts that end supply we use in our autos. The arguement of more refineries is negated by those who support the free enterprise that allows that export. Where are the cries towards the oil companies to keep the product here, increasing the supply and keeping costs down? marolyn posted a great bit of information.
  14. And let me quote myself, above, from Aug 19 2008, 06:07 PM. This quote is not the US, but echos the reasoning of lower prices worldwide. I do not believe the announcement of possible further drilling had quite the effect you believe type-O. Olerex: Falling consumption pulls gas price down Gertrud Levit gertrud.levitatchararipaev.ee 06.08.2008 13:50 Falling consumption influences gas price more than any other matter, even though neither geopolitical tension nor other risks have decreased. Same topic in BBNStatoil lowered fuel prices by EEK 0.60 Both Neste and Olerex gas s
  15. Bring back Bill Wyman while you are at it. That exhibit is current by the way. The pictures are 40 years old.
  16. He doesnt make enough money, no motivation.
  17. Driving fast is for idiots, of any age.
  18. The country is going to hell in a hand basket and it will not matter who is President. Its the idiocy within the population of this land. Be a part or apart from it.
  19. Obama was heckled for his tuneup and tire inflation point, but there was a statistic from few years ago that showed how much oil would be saved if everyone just slowed down by 5 miles an hour. It was astounding what it amounted to. Not a quantity to be scoffed at. But any slowdown is seen as antigrowth or antiAmerican or something, too bad. Just imagine how much gas would be saved if the speed limit was simply adhered to. THAT would keep us from buying so much from the Middle East.
  20. Anne Frank was only 13-15 when she wrote her book and look at the acclaim that gets. Some people are gifted at such a young age so dont discount because of that.
  21. The reason gas has fallen in price is because of the drastic curtailing of usage many have made.
  22. Please do post them! They just released the upteenth version of the NBC comeback special from 1968 on 4 cds!! The Special which was sponsored by Singer Sewing Machines was the first time that Elvis had performed in front of a live audience in 7 years. In what was supposed to be a Christmas Special, Elvis, clad in his trademark black leather suit, performed emotional renditions of his greatest hits and more recent songs in different settings including an intimate unplugged session. The edited 60 minute version aired on December 4th 1968 on NBC. It was the network’s highest rati
  23. He sure gets alot of flack over getting old and haggardly, but he was a handsome guy in his day. Im sure this exhibit attests to that. Anyone going? Photo of photo from NYTimes, August 17, 2008
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