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  1. Double Post, sorry. So I will include this one. 1. Kids Today! Back in our day, we didn’t have any of yer fancy iPods and ringtones and downloads. We didn’t have the luxury and convenience of your scrotum-rings and your World Wide Web logs. When we wanted to steal the new Uriah Heep album, we couldn’t just troll the Internets for it, we had to do it the old-fashioned way — by hiking to the store (uphill, both ways) and shoving 12” of vinyl under our sweaters (which we had to knit ourselves). That’s why you sniveling whipper-snappers don’t appreciate the real value of music. Or Uriah Heep
  2. 39. AIDS Although it was responsible for many deaths (Freddie Mercury and Eazy-E among them) and inspired one of the most insipid hits in the past three decades (That’s What Friends Are For), the most significant musical damage done by the AIDS virus came with the subsequent demonization of sex and drugs, two ingredients without which rock & roll become practically pointless — if not impossible. Tell that to the non-believers!
  3. And Suspicious Minds keeps playing over and over
  4. 5 STARSHIP They built this city on rock & roll. And crap! In 1985, Starship rose like a phoenix from the ashes of once-mighty psychedelic overlords Jefferson Airplane/Starship — but only if, by phoenix, you mean ultra-lame, MTV-pandering purveyors of MOR schlock. WORST remembered for, We Built This City, they were also responsible for unleashing the Diane Warren–penned, Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us Now, a song bad enough to appear on the soundtrack of the diabolical Andrew McCarthy comedy Mannequin. And its sequel! Appalling fact: Singer Grace Slick later disavowed, Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us N
  5. Make sure you get by to view his Gold Cadillac at the Country Music Hall of Fame while in Nashville. And to footsteps, is that the piano you played? Is RCA studio B reproduced in the Hall of Fame?
  6. That makes it sound like King Crimson was ousted by the site. The band just made it known their recordings are not to be torrented. Heres a list of some of the other artists and their restrictions from themselves. -- Terms of Service Artists / Bands NOT ALLOWED Recordings of these artists and bands may not be shared here at -- Live Music Sharing. A Terry Adams (of NRBQ fame) Allman Brothers Band and all Gregg Allman projects Laurie Anderson (in terms of workshop performances) Artful Dodger B Beach Boys Walter Becker Dickey Betts and all his projects Black C
  7. Guys didnt even have to wear T-shirts when I was in High School, nor shoes. Surf trunks were our uniforms, with board in tow. That was right up my alley as I never wore a shirt or shoes till I was about 5 years old anyway. I didnt know what cold was.
  8. Nobodys Fault but Mine from the Latter Days cd. This is the very first time Ive ever listened to it on headphones. It only took about 32 years.
  9. Two of the best super bowls Ive ever watched. 4 points separated 2 teams that were among the very best teams to ever play on the gridiron. Not a weak link in any position during those years. A time long gone.
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