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  1. You completely missed the point Mr.Z was making, and turned it into a Plant bashing which he clearly was not doing. I think the point Mr.Z was making when he said "Jimmy is Led Zeppelin" is... It's his identity from a creative stand point. Don't ask him to be something he is not. Not that he doesn't need the other members or, his end is more important. Thats not the point made at all and you are completely off track here IMO.
  2. Given the chance to work with Jimmy or AK, I believe Plant is the only rock singer alive who would choose to work with AK instead of Jimmy.
  3. Hot Damn!@ That was blistering. Page putting out the rain with his fire. Awesome post Mr.Z, thank you.
  4. I think your point is coming from the wrong direction. You have video evidence? We all know Page could get fucked up. No one knows but the 2 of them why they dissolved in the 90's and Robert himself said that it's over, and he loved doing the 02. So the question at hand is...Who now, in the present day of this band, is not willing to reform. Not 10 years ago or 25 years ago. Now. We all have evidence that would solely be one Robert Plant.
  5. BTW, the points you use here, are both incorrect. Date wise, and what actually took place. Not that it matters.
  6. Columbus, Magellan. History. Right now it all does not mean a thing. You are in a sense clueless in this instance. I am not willing to explain it to you, as it will play itself out here shortly, and at that point you can add to your history diatribe. It's over bud, no one, not even Robert can bring Led Zeppelin back.
  7. Yeah, when you are done laughing at the truth, go act like a cool kid over at the big table where all the cool kids fight over what pants Jimmy was wearing at a show in 77. You haven't a clue.
  8. Jimmy is moving on, per Roberts choice. Riddle me this, what happens when Robert decides to change his mind, and do a Zep project? I will tell you, Jimmy will tell him, NO. Game Over.
  9. Z was right. The dream is over.
  10. link Exclusive: Led Zeppelin Reunion - The Spirit Has To Be There added 16 June 2008 at 22.24 In an exclusive interview with Xfm, Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page has said that it's not his - or indeed, anybody's - job to persuade Robert Plant to participate in any further reunions. Plant is currently touring with Alison Krauss. Jimmy Page was speaking to Xfm shortly after he and bandmate, Led Zeppelin bassist John Paul Jones, scooped the award for Best Live Band at the Mojo Honours List 2008. Not bad going for band who, prior to last December's one-off, hadn't played a full gig toget
  11. Stupid stubburn bobby is laughing all the way to the bank and is enjoying himself so much he wants to do it again. Even if its boring.
  12. You are entitled to your opinion, but Plant had made it an issue when he was touring with Jimmy (Page/Plant) and many feel it was a strain he could no longer handle. It has to be something he takes into consideration when thinking of NOT touring. It's a fact he cannot sing like he did, and to say it is not an issue, I feel is naive.
  13. Time marches on and things change. The biggest change is Roberts voice. He can sing beautifully right now in the project he is in, but to take on Zeppelin is just to much for him. Lets face it, he cannot sing night, after night the way he did at the 02. His vocal capabilities cannot match up to the rigors of Zep material the way the songs are originally intended. He knows it, and anyone who thinks it is not a factor is BS'ing themselves. That being said, and understanding he can't, and doesn't want to sing that way anymore, you'd think a chance at new material that Jimmy supposedly has in the
  14. ledwallett

    Foo Zeppelin

    Agree Agree Agree Agree....Wow a lot of agreement here. We need to find something to fight about to get back to normal.
  15. Where is the bashing here? It has been stated by the band members that Robert did not rehearse with the band. (I believe all but two times?) I don't see how that equates to bashing.
  16. As fans we want to see Robert with Jimmy, JPJ, and Jason. I used to blame Robert but now I see it different. (Mostly it was his sarcastic remarks when asked why not.) If his heart is somewhere else, so be it. No one should want someone they care about to do something if there heart is not in it.
  17. Have a look at JPJ face during the heartbreaker solo. His smile at the end of Jimmy coming out of the flubbing was from a panicked relief of the shock he was in when Jimmy couldn't rip the solo. It was a disaster.
  18. Which jarred his brain into forgetting the lyrics.
  19. Are you saying it was someone elses fault that Plant forgot the lyrics? lol
  20. I believe Jimmy's screw up on the heartbreaker solo was a disaster. Also Robert missed lines in Kashmir and stepped on Jimmy a few times. It wasn't just the sound, it was the band.
  21. I'd say Atlantic's 40th was the worst broad casted live event ever in Zeppelins history.
  22. I am not sure why this is an issue. If Jimmy is healthy and willing to play, his age should have no factor.
  23. Its very frustrating being a fan of Page at this time. It has been to long since we have seen him be productive, and seeing him gleaming with promise at the Japan press conferences I think gave us what Some feel a false sense of hope. My hope is that Jimmy proves everyone wrong, and also that he gets help, from some old friends.
  24. Is it not Jimmy's wish to continue? Was the public not lead to believe that something was cooking after Robert got done with his thing in September? I think it was real hope, it just hasn't worked out...Yet?
  25. It wasn't meant for you. Sorry it came off that way. Razor sharp. Got it. I'm not old enough to challenge you on it so you win. I am not under the impression they are ready to do anything. I do feel that this time, as apposed to the other years you posted, they had better reason. Karma and stuff like that. I also know I am wrong, because Robert does not wish to do so.
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