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  1. Bungle in the Jungle - Jethro Tull
  2. White Light, White Heat - Velvet Underground
  3. So Daltrey has started his Tommy tour but apparently made some minor changes making Tommy deaf, senile and incontinent to better reflect the age of the artist.
  4. Asleep (as I should be right now) neighbor or neighbour
  5. You Should Never Have Opened that Door - The Ramones
  6. No. Have you ever left a casino immediately upon winning a significant amount?
  7. Just watched Michael Clayton on DVD. Great movie with an amazing performance by George Clooney among others. Highly recommended.
  8. No One Love Me, and Neither Do I - TCV
  9. You can't forget Queen Elizabeth's quote to Jimmy Page... "Are you a guitarist, too?"
  10. The River - Bruce Springsteen/E Street Band
  11. Die With Your Boots On - Iron Maiden
  12. While I still enjoy the older albums more the last one was a step in the right direction. I was at the Hall of Fame show at MSG and it was cool to see them backing Lou Reed, Ozzy and Ray Davies.
  13. Cool! I started this thread when I used to visit this place a bit more frequently. Glad to see it is still alive!! Looking forward to new Rush in 2010.
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