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  1. I still haven't done more than scan it. One quote which I just bizare is from Andrew Loog Oldham. Talking about The O2 and after he says LZ touring with out RP is like The Stones touring without Prince Michael of Kent! What does that mean? There's a seperate little article with RP talking about when he and Jimmy used to go of travelling together. Sounds like they had a real fine time. But, it made me sad thinking that they can't get back to that friendship. Sounds like he's got the makings of a brilliant autobiography. That's a band book I would like to read. I think a scan would be too big to upload. It's 11 pages.
  2. It's January's edition. I subscribe and usually get it a day or two before it hits the shops. I haven't had time to read the actual article yet.
  3. My copy of English Magazine Uncut has literally just dropped onto my door mat and there's a rather spectacular picture of James Patrick on the cover. With an article called The Real Jimmy Page by ROBERT PLANT!!!! It's the best music mag by a country mile not that you need to know that to go in search of this edition. http://www.uncut.co.uk/
  4. I was watching the BBC's Autumn Watch last night and in a piece about male deer calling during their rut. To show how some deer had better calls than others he used a cheap and expensive guitar. He wasn't a very good guitarist but tI'm 95% sure that piece he played was STH. Anybody else see it?
  5. I found my Knebworth Tshirt & Over Europe Sweat shirt the other day. Only clothing I've got that's older than my kids. Not that I could still get into either!
  6. They've got a higher profile again now but I think they were always bigger in The States. I had the oposite experience 2 years ago on my first visit to the USA (Washington State). I knew they were huge over there so I decided to see how long it took for me to see a LZ tee shirt. I actually landed in Vancouver and I saw one before I was out of the airport. I think I saw 10 on the first day.
  7. One is 6' 1" another is 5' 11" another is 5' 8" another was 5' 10 1/2" With apologies to Bob Dylan.
  8. I used to have a reasonable collection of vinyl singles but as i got older I realised all I needed was the music (not 15 diferent versions of WLL on 15 diferent singles). So I sold them all to a younger Zephead I worked with for aprox what I'd paid for them.
  9. For anyone that still doen't know Tight But Loose is a great fanzine and web site. http://www.tightbutloose.co.uk/main.html
  10. I'd have loved to have seen The Dead but they weren't playing in England by the time I got into them. Last concert for me was Dylan about this time last year. 9th or 1oth time I've seen him and one of the best, he's really be rejuvenated recently
  11. Right now I'm listening to a pretty good bootleg of that concert at The O2 in London last November!
  12. Dirtmusic by Dirtmusic. An Americanay country blues album by a super group of sorts. Chris Eckman (of The Walkabouts), Hugo Race & Chris Brokaw all of whom record for Glitterhouse.
  13. Mothership - again! specifically ALS at the moment.
  14. Buried in the back of this month's Uncut and in reply to a reader's letter Alan Jones (Uncut's editor) speculates on whether RP will be able to stick to his 'it's a one off' stance and avoid the temptation of a full tour. He then says from what he hears Led Zep have provisionally booked 2 dates at Wembley Stadium as part of a wider tour! But we await Robert's updated views with baited breath. Keep the faith guys, we'll all be doing the Misty Mountain Hop of joy in the not to distant future!
  15. Some of the new songs in TSRTS were released on The Led Zeppelin DVD weren't they?
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