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  1. I hope this hasn't already been posted - sorry if it has. This is weird if it's truely the band that posted them. http://www.musicradar.com/news/guitars/led...p;source=MRNEWS It could be a sign of renewed activity within the Zeppelin camp. Or it could mean nothing at all. Regardless, the band have posted a batch of rare concert videos of themselves on their very own YouTube channel. The videos - and there's many incredible moments to be found - are mostly bootlegs (once considered anathema by the band), converted from scratchy Super8 film, of Led Zeppelin performing now-legendary
  2. I still haven't done more than scan it. One quote which I just bizare is from Andrew Loog Oldham. Talking about The O2 and after he says LZ touring with out RP is like The Stones touring without Prince Michael of Kent! What does that mean? There's a seperate little article with RP talking about when he and Jimmy used to go of travelling together. Sounds like they had a real fine time. But, it made me sad thinking that they can't get back to that friendship. Sounds like he's got the makings of a brilliant autobiography. That's a band book I would like to read. I think a scan would be too
  3. It's January's edition. I subscribe and usually get it a day or two before it hits the shops. I haven't had time to read the actual article yet.
  4. My copy of English Magazine Uncut has literally just dropped onto my door mat and there's a rather spectacular picture of James Patrick on the cover. With an article called The Real Jimmy Page by ROBERT PLANT!!!! It's the best music mag by a country mile not that you need to know that to go in search of this edition. http://www.uncut.co.uk/
  5. LAST CALL FOR MR R PLANT The Led Zeppelin Airway's Starship will be departing shortly from gate 2009 with or without you.
  6. No doubt it was a crap performance but I don't see how it effects the bands legacy. I felt the same about the band after I'd seen it that I did before.
  7. And me! Although, I think they will use the name. But, why should it matter what they are called? What ever they played or record now doesn't affect the past. Treasured memories of past concerts won't alter (Bridge ) and your collection of CDs will still sound the same. I'll reserve judgement untill I've heard/seen them and I look forward to that with the anticipation of a kid on Christmas Morning. A lot of people on this board have gone on (and on and on and on) about Plant's right to do whatever the hell he likes so surely that applies to JP, JPJ & JB Jr as well.
  8. I was watching the BBC's Autumn Watch last night and in a piece about male deer calling during their rut. To show how some deer had better calls than others he used a cheap and expensive guitar. He wasn't a very good guitarist but tI'm 95% sure that piece he played was STH. Anybody else see it?
  9. Don't forget that Led Zep time ticks by much slower than that of the real world. This could still take months or even years or fizzle out completely. If it is a plot to tempt Planty back on board I think it'll just make him more stuborn.
  10. And where did this momentous earth shattering event happen?! Exeter, England which just happens to be where I live and I didn't even know that JPJ was coming!
  11. The Champagne is on ice but I ain't popping the cork yet! But, I suspect the official annoucement isn't far away and that cork will be popping soon.
  12. I'm beginning to suspect that all this rumour and counter rumour is just a big PR scam to drive us into a frenzy when the official annoucement comes. Please don't take this as confrontational it isn't meant to be but surely if Robert is entitled to what the hell he likes (& he is) then aren't the others? Even if that's a Rob less Zeppelin. I'd be pretty confident that JP would want to use the name.
  13. It seems increasingly likely that we'll see Page, JPJ & Bonham Jr doing something (Recording & playing) whether it includes RP and goes under the name remains to be seen.
  14. If it's a pantomine you want to see it doesn't matter if it wasn't 'live' but if it's a real musical performance, it couldn't matter more. Pictures of Jimmy in OK, the world is truel;y a bizare place.
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