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  1. I was working as a press photographer for a while ao I was lucky enough to take some photos from just in front of the stage. Ocasionally I still work for the same newspaper so I got a photopass for Robert Plant concert last year too. But I get so excited at all rock concerts that I cannot concentrate on photography... Here is a link to my old page with a lot of rock legends photos. Some of them are pretty good...
  2. Ten years gone Now it is time to take a look at this photos, never seen before, anywhere! Photos are nothing special, but it's Jimmy!!! 21.2.1998
  3. These were also never seen before:
  4. Another two: Next time I'll try to find some more from last year in Slovenia.
  5. Thank you for all your nice comments about my photos! I decided to post some more, these were never seen before. They are from Page & Plant tour 1998, from concerts in Zagreb. Enjoy, Janezek
  6. It was my pleasure! It is so hard to take photos of legends, my hand were shaking, my legs were soft, my mind was full of strong feelings... Concert photography takes a lot of concentration, but when I am in the front of such carismatic rock artists, I almost forget how to take photos. Anyway, I have a lot more from three concerts. Two films from two concerts in 1998 and a about 40 or 50 digital shots from 2007. If someone is interested, I can send some scans or digital shots via email.
  7. 21.2.1998: More rock'n'roll and other photos at my site
  8. Some rare pics from Page/Plant tour 1998: More concert and other photos on my page Best regards, Janez
  9. Last year in Slovenia: More concert photos here
  10. Hallo, My first post, my contribution, my pics This one is from 21.2.1998, also seen on the first page, here is uncropped: Some other from the same concert: Another one from november 1998: Enjoy! Janez
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