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  1. I hope so too cause the AFC East used to be a monster Division. The Dolphins really screwed Marino at the end of his career, what with no offensive line to speak of and no running game.
  2. You Really Got Me-- Van Halen
  3. Sounds like there are alot of disappointed people out there because the Pats won last night. Too bad. If anything last night helps us go undefeated. Lifelong Pats fan and former season ticket holder before I moved south of the Mason-Dixon line. But I can tell you after watching them in the cellar all those years, listening to all you haters is a breath of fresh air. I also say FUCK the NFL Network. This is going to be the second biggest game of the year and 90% of us won't be able to see it, please!!! I pray to God we have a Packers/Patriots Super Bowl so we can avenge 96. Plus I have nothing
  4. No particular order here. This wasn't easy at all. I'm exhausted now. Bring it on Home In My Time Of Dying Kashmir That's the Way When the Levee Breaks How Many More Times Ten Years Gone Achilles Last Stand Song Remains The Same Over The Hills and Far Away and like it was stated before this has nothing to do woth what they played live cause the list would be very diffrent.
  5. Alice In Chains Smashing Pumpkins Rage Against the Machine Stone Temple Pilots Guns 'n' Roses Nirvana Metallica
  6. As Long As I Have You -- Dancing Avacado:Fillmore West-- San Fran, CA 04/24/1969
  7. Wild Side, Kickstart my Heart, Shout at the Devil, Girls,Girls,Girls (my personal anthem growing up like many other boys at the time)...
  8. He has always been a very underrated guitarist. IMO Love me some Crue. They were the sh*t when a was a kid. Shame what happened to them after Dr. Feelgood.
  9. How did Mick look?? He went through some serious sh*t. Thought he could barely stand.
  10. Well that may be true but the picture you have of him looking back and forth looks a liitle questionable to me. Sorry. Love him but still.
  11. Like I said I seperate the two. Van Halen was wild and raw while Van Hagar was more tight and refined musically. Eddie was in two diffrent places with his playing.
  12. Saw Crue with Whitesnake in 87?? i think it was. Saw Poison and Warrant in the late eighties as well as Poison/Ratt A couple of years ago in Tampa, Fl I saw Poison/Ratt/Great White/ LA guns. And in 2005 saw Def Leppard and Tesla. Hell I saw Ozzy and Metallica in concert together in 86 now that was nuts!!
  13. That whole OU812 album is great. Cabo Wabo, Black and Blue....
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