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  1. You Really Got Me-- Van Halen
  2. Alice In Chains Smashing Pumpkins Rage Against the Machine Stone Temple Pilots Guns 'n' Roses Nirvana Metallica
  3. As Long As I Have You -- Dancing Avacado:Fillmore West-- San Fran, CA 04/24/1969
  4. Wild Side, Kickstart my Heart, Shout at the Devil, Girls,Girls,Girls (my personal anthem growing up like many other boys at the time)...
  5. He has always been a very underrated guitarist. IMO Love me some Crue. They were the sh*t when a was a kid. Shame what happened to them after Dr. Feelgood.
  6. How did Mick look?? He went through some serious sh*t. Thought he could barely stand.
  7. Saw Crue with Whitesnake in 87?? i think it was. Saw Poison and Warrant in the late eighties as well as Poison/Ratt A couple of years ago in Tampa, Fl I saw Poison/Ratt/Great White/ LA guns. And in 2005 saw Def Leppard and Tesla. Hell I saw Ozzy and Metallica in concert together in 86 now that was nuts!!
  8. well that was my era and I love it. Motley Crue, Ratt, Tesla, Ozzy, Cinderalla, ect... love em all. Seen em all in concert and still try to catch em when they tour now.
  9. Now are we talking about heavy metal or hair metal? big diffrence. Poison is hair metal, Metallica is heavy metal. Tesla is hair metal, Pantera is heavy metal. Both are great genres of music but completely diffrent monsters.
  10. Metallica are the kings and I here the new album is gonna kick ass. They are our generations Led Zeppelin. (for those of us too young to have seen Zepp that is.) Love Maiden, Megadeath, Sepultura, Slayer, Anthrax and Slipknot.
  11. How do you like this recording. I just got this yesterday and have been listening to it all day now. I really like it.
  12. nemos9

    The pub

    Hide the women and children and tap the keg, Evster's back!!!!
  13. 32 yrs old. Can remember being 3 or 4 and listening to Zeppelin 3 and 4 with my father who is as obsessed as I am. He saw the Seattle 73 show and we saw page/plant 95 together. Would be a dream for the two of us to see a tour happen so we could share the experience together.
  14. nemos9

    The pub

    How you doing Ev??? I see your avi now.
  15. nemos9

    The pub

    Jack and Coke with a shot of Jagger my way please!!! Who has the cigars??
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