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  1. In the song The Battle of Evermore at 1:28 does Robert sing "...Horses' thunder...", or "...Horus's thunder..."? I am interested in Egyptian mythology, so it would be cool to have this approved Amazing song!
  2. I like this song, this 80's "disco" feeling gives a new dimension to the band. It makes it more mysterious and amazing.
  3. It is very hard to decide, all their songs are Led Zep for me, but If a song could be the bands "Album cover" so to speak, I would have gone for Stairway.
  4. Very good topic! I think it was in this life, not in limbo.
  5. I love to hear him play harmonica, both on BIOH, WTLB and all their other songs
  6. First half of October 2010. That's what I think
  7. Song Remains The Same version is very good
  8. It was VERY hard to choose between Stairway and Kasmir, but I voted Stairway To Heaven
  9. I just wanted to make this poll for fun, to figure out which of them would the fans be
  10. I love In My Time Of Dying, and the live version in Earls Court in 1975 is purely magical
  11. Norway, but born in Novosibirsk, Russia
  12. Both The Battle Of Evermore, Stairway To Heaven and When The Levee Breaks are amazing songs. But I've voted Stairway To Heaven because it's pure magik
  13. I've posted my top five favourite Led Zeppelin songs, but it's not enough, so here is my top 30 #1 Kashmir. #2 Stairway To Heaven. #3 When The Levee Breakes. #4 Whole Lotta Love.
  14. #1. Kashmir #2. Stairway To Heaven #3. Whole Lotta Love #4. When The Levee Breaks #5. Rain Song Every single Led Zeppelin song is great! All these mentioned songs could have been in the first place!
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