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  1. It's sad that some people have lives so dull, so boring, that they resort to taking their anger and dissapointment out on the greatest band ever.

  2. If they would stop playing there crap on the radio they would fade away. Don't you people have anything better to do , than piss and moan about a band that that hasn't been together in 30 years. They were a good band in the 70's ok in the 80's know just put them out to pasture.
  3. You assholes started this shit so i'm more than happy to keep it going .There's Zep fans and then there's assholes,and thats were some of you fit in .and you know who you are.
  4. OK Trasmere is the best There music is so dated it should have a Expiration date of 1981 Zepplin is not that bad, it's some of there dimwitted fans that need help sorry I forget your not normal people. Someday you will learn there is more to life than Led Zit
  5. Here in the states if you get injured you sue somebody over here everybody sue's everybody it's a joke.
  6. Danny To change the subject but is there a lot of Quad racing in England? Just want to know how big it is there, or is it like in the states were everything is illegal. Tom
  7. Ted Nugent for president You guys are just to easy to piss off, you take this shit way to serious
  8. I like there In thought the outdoor the best
  9. Nugent Korn Black Label Deep Purple Tool Alice Cooper Uria heep Disturbed avenged 7 fold Godsmack alice in chains mudvane smashing pumpkins
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