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  1. Only difference between this and the other photo is that this picture the guitar isnt strung upside down. this photo is a mirror photo where it looks like he is playing left handed but is not. The other photo the guitar is physically upside down and is strung upside down for a right handed player. Maybe that photo should be posted in the "Zeppelin Photo Mystery" thread to try and figure out if that is indeed a Yardbirds photo or a photo from his session player days. Shouldnt be to hard to do since we already know the guitar belongs to a left handed player. Edit - to remove 2nd photo.
  2. He is also playing a left handed guitar upside down right handed. I wonder who's guitar it could be? Cant be Beck's.
  3. Walkin the Dog - Aerosmith
  4. I apologize for my grammar as i know it is not proper English due to my reading and writing disability that i was diagnosed with when i was a young boy thusfore never received the proper skills for which i am thankful that this is a Message Forum called Ramble On and not 1 of those dreaded English classes where everytime i had to explain myself for my run-on sentances but i do appreciate the "nudge" and will definately try and do better the next time i post.
  5. I couldnt agree with you more as i can definately see by alot of the posts in this thread are full of half truths while masking a deep rooted resentment for a country(America) who was determined to get results after it was attacked and got them thusfore creating a jealous resentment by those who have been suffering for decades because of its own goverment's failure for which they attempt to find any wrongdoing in America it can find whether past or present in order to feed their resentment instead of saying hey i give your goverment alot of credit for its will and wish my goverment would do the same to stop it my own backyard. All i can say is i wish the countries of Euope, Middle East, Asia and Africa nothing but peace and hope there are no more 9/11's here or abroad and, no more World Wars or any wars for that matter and hope your goverments along with its citizens can work together along with mine if you wish for our assistance to stop terrorism of any kind as i am proud of not just my goverment but also my fellow citizens in preventing any further attacks in our homeland since 9/11 even if we get hit again we are working together over here and abroad as it was evident to me when people were waving their flag singing God Bless America, Amazing Grace, Chanting USA showing support for our troops after the news that Bin Laden was killed reflecting and realizing that we took a major step towards PEACE! Believe nothing what you hear and only half of what you see and think twice before speaking once.....
  6. After reading this thread the only conclusion i could come to is this world is in big trouble and there will never be peace in Europe, Middle East, Asia, Africa so i say to any goverment of a country' that resides in this part of the world FUCK YOU ALL as i dont care if your country name ends in STAN, LAND or you come from the North, South,East or West of a divided country or whatever deep rooted resentment that you have towards your neighboring country, or how many factions of a religion you want to fight to death bcz you believe yours is the correct interpetation, so may i suggest the following to our beautiful Canadians and Mexicans neighbors that we open up our borders with each other and form a new country called North America and give 1 years notice to the rest of the world that we will be locking down our borders and if anyone wants to leave their country and be a part of this new nation your more then welcome only there will be no possible way of you ever going back except by row boat as there will be no incoming or outgoing travel outside of our borders, there will also be a lockdown of internet, mail, exporting/importing of goods. Nothing comes in nothing goes out including people. Our coastal areas will now be the property of the North American Armed forces who will be locked and loaded as well as its citizens. Notice will also be given to Central America to either head North or South as this area of the world will be turned into a waste land and be an official no mans land as i dont trust South American governments. Every American army base closes outside of our borders as well as every AmericanCanadian/Mexican Corporation that is overseas must now only operate within our borders. We will never again give foreign aid, do business with anyone outside of our borders, get involved in ANY conflict outside of our own borders. We will take care of our shit and the rest of the world can take care of their shit. And to all of the good people of these countries that do not decide to come to our new nation where you will live in peace, prosper and have a good chance at a decent life MAY GOD BE WITH YOU!!! So what do you say Canada and Mexico you in? When the rest of the world blows itself up we can all wave our new flag and say finally the world has I know this is ridiculous and is the result of me having a couple but hey a man can still dream cant he and have a little harmless fun??? LMAO Bottoms up and cheers to everyone!!!
  7. I have to disagree with you again with your generlizations and analogies as i dont feel my country was misrepresented at all by people going to the White House or Ground Zero peacefully and lawfully demonstrating their freedon of expression. What would have bothered me if it did turn violent or if the police and military decided that it was inappropiate for them to be there and broke it up. To provide another example of this is even though i dont agree with the people who are peacefully and lawfully demonstrating against a Mosque being built near Ground Zero, i still feel it is appropiate behavior for them to express themselves as long as it is done peacefully and lawfully. I just feel very strongly that as soon as people start deaming what is appropiate and what isnt appropiate behavior in terms of what is appropiate to express oneself in my book is a form of censorship and more often then not leads to oppression to where one is forced to suppress one's feelings and for the people who cannot control that anger will often turn violent in order to be heard. i.e OBL felt it was inappropiate for Americans troops to be on the ground in Saudi Arabia in the 1st Iraq war and his offer of his troops to the Saudi Arabian government was refused thusfore started his resentment and fueled his hatred towards the U.S.A and if i was to take an educated guess he was probably forbidden to express this anger in a peaceful demonstration against the Saudi goverment. I for one do not want to live or be part of a society where people are discouraged to voice themselves in any form of communication. Again i might not agree but still believe that it is not only their right as an American but as a human being. Now i am not saying that you are for any of this but only stating that the words(Sickening, Unpatriotic etc etc) you are using and the analogies( student riots, drunken hoolagins at a sporting event) you are giving are INAPPROPIATE as those people down at Ground Zero and the White House represented very well what America stands for and i for one am very proud of the way the majority of them acted peacefully, lawfully and very patriotic. Now you have every right to express you were dissapointed bcz you see it as celebration of a man dying which is so not how i see it as America doesnt even celebrate the executions of serial killers in the USA but more of a celebration of someone who represented and chose to be a symbol of hate and evil .Afterall we brought a man to justice who declared war on the USA and commited ACTS of WAR not only in my country but many others as well of innocent people in which when he declared war stated he would do. America never rejoices or glorifies in the deaths of any innocent people here or abroad whether its in a conflict or not. At least i have never seen it. Please also remember that any attack whether it happens in your backyard or mine affects people all over the world and not just the place of where the attack happened. As i can assure as i was helping and assisting with the recovery effort in NYC with not only New Yorkers, not only Americans but people of all faiths and nationalities as 9/11 was just not an attack on New Yorkers, not just America as there were over 50 countries that day that lost citizens but it was an attack on the American freedoms in which is 1 of the big reasons why people all over the world come to sometimes because they were not allowed to express themselves in the countries in which they came from., so i say to the people of the world please see our people who went to White House or Ground Zero when they heard the news that this man who clearly MisRepresents so many oppressed people in many countries and was no longer to spread his hatred as they were a fine example of how to peacefully and lawfully demonstrate in a non violent way their freedom to express themselves whether you feel it is appropiate or not doesnt matter as that is the American WAY!
  8. While that may be true or not i dont know as i dont post alot but that really wasnt my point as if you take this thread for example there are 400 posts while there are over 7000 views.
  9. You put up an avatar in a formum of over 13 thousand members because of a problem you had with ONE poster and i over-react??? Yup that about says it all to me and your right there is no point in going into any depth as i am not going to waste your time or mine in this thread in dealing with someone who needs to find that tiny little cloud in a beautiful blue sky on a gorgeous sunny day! Have a nice night and keep the positive changes coming.
  10. I find it really ironic that the 2 people who were offended by the so called partying in the street BOTH have profile pictures of someone giving the finger in a discussion forum. I find it classless, inappropiate and just plain rude behavior which pretty much sums up both of your character's in which you both portray yourselfs on here always trying to push buttons of other forum members. 1 thinking that they are special bcz they have close ties to the band and the other thinking he is an auhtority on music. Well i dont give a shit who you know or what you know as I politely express myself in saying FUCK YOU to the BOTH of you! Have a nice wknd as i will be partying and celelbrating in the city I Love like no other!!!
  11. What did you think they were gonna say? Ok you killed our leader we give up??? Our countries and many others must keep this effort to fight the good fight! Not just for 9/11 but for all the terror attacks before and after. America has had it share too before 9/11. We must not back down EVER!
  12. American Public??? partying in the streets??? Are you kidding me? How do you know what their own personal reason was for going to the white house or ground zero last Sunday night??? btw i think that hardly represents the American public. From what i saw It was done peacefully, there was no flag burning, koran burning etc etc.... by a few thousand people who i saw alot of them crying maybe they lost a loved one, maybe they feel it might bring a loved home from these terrible wars were involved in? Who lnows? It is 1 of the basic core values on which this country was founded need i say Freedom of Speech. I know when i 1st heard the news i wasnt fist pumping, beating my chest but reflecting what happened on that horrible day as i was very deeply affected by 9/11. It was done peacefully and i am ok with it bcz it wasnt about a murder or an unjustified killing it was simply about this evil can no longer do harm by his teachings and influence of hate that he represented on every level. If it just stops 1 less person from joining Al-Qaeda, 1 less mother who loses 1 less kid strapping bombs to their body and mostly if there is 1 less attack carried out against us or any civilized human being then let those people rejoice if they want!!! Its a SILLY argument dont matter how i look at it and has no importance whatsoever! Maybe the reason was just simply they were showing their support for OUR TROOPS! Now here you go, your gonna go find a previous post from me, twist my words and intentions, find a news article that proves me wrong, well let be the 1st to tell you 1) Dont waste your time! and 2) Stuff IT where the sun dont shine! partying in the streets huh what a jerk!
  13. For those who are sickened by Americans rejoicing and celebrating a man's death, I for one am GLAD that you are! Now you know how i feel every time i see my country's flag being burned by ungrateful citizens not only in my own country but abroad as well. I am so glad though that i have the decency of my life's experiences to look past it and realize that there are many Americans as well as those abroad WHO do appreciate all of America's sacrifices as we Americans appreciate the sacrifices of those abroad to try and stop this breeding of hate that seems to always be produced in OTHER parts of the world that results in MASS people being killed unjustly. This was not murder, this killing was absolutely necessary in order to protect lives here and abroad. This man did not value life. He brainwashed kids to blow themselves up in the name of religion. He died like a COWARD shielding himself with HIS wife! This man had no HONOR except to glorify himself. He deserved absolutely NO respect whatsoever!! If this action puts me on thin ice, so be it bcz as a Proud Brave AMERICAN i will face whatever retaliation comes my way while holding my flag PROUDLY knowing what AMERICA stands for! Liberty and Justice for ALL!!! U.S.A - U.S.A - U.S.A
  14. So if someone murders your family you gonna tell the police dont do anything about it bcz the vengence will just keep going in circles. You make absolutely no sense!!! The SCUM got what he deserved!!! CASE CLOSED Go belittle yourself!
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