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  1. Charlie Rose just stated that his interview with Led Zeppelin and the other honorees will air later this month.
  2. Turn your TV dials to CBS. they are about to show some coverage of the event. Not sure if that includes the Charlie Rose interview.
  3. Saw Hot Tuna last night at the Beacon Theatre in NYC last night. What a great show! they went on at 8 and finished up at midnight with a 15-20 minute break. Just amazing musicians. They had 6 special guests like Steady Rollin Bob Margolin of Muddy Waters fame, G.E Smith(guitar), Larry Cambell(guitars, violin, dobro, vocals), Teresa Williams(lead backing vocals), Cindy Cashdollar Wilson (Lap slide guitar), Steve Kirchen (guitar). All were amazing!!! Jack started the set dedicating the night to the people of NY/NJ with a blazing 5 minute bass solo that lead into Hesitation Blues. They did Dylans "Times are a changing". the Deads "Sugaree" approx. 20 minute version of "Rock me baby". Just amazing jamming with every song they performed and there was a different lineup. Definately 1 of the best concerts i ever witnessed and i sat 4th row. When i went outside for a smoke break at intermission they must have been 200 people getting high and probably all of Broadway getting high too! Picked up Jorma's 70th bday bash DVD at the beacon in 2010 where Byron House (Robert Plant & Band of Joy's bass player special guested. Such gorgeous passionate music! These guys are right up there with Zep in my book. Just great Rock N Roll!!!
  4. Matt Laurer of the "The Today Show" (www.nbc.com) interviewed all three back in 2003 with the release of the DVD. couldnt find a video but did find a transscript of the interview. http://today.msnbc.msn.com/id/3079786/ns/today-today_hidden/t/years-whole-lotta-love/
  5. Q104.3 will be giving tickets away via contests all this wknd.
  6. I hope Jason Bonham's Led Zeppelin Experience performs!
  7. I agree with Black Dog in that i have a feeling it is something more then the O2 dvd. If it isnt though and it is only the O2 dvd i will not feel let down in the slightest. Its a great feeling to be in a no-lose situation. I am hoping for a similar project like the 03 dvd where there will be multiple concert footage including the O2 gig and all its bells and whistles.
  8. I would apologize but in all my sincerity i never tried to start an argument here. He PM me again just a few minutes ago and stated that he didnt like something i said to another poster from many months ago so it was obvious he has a vendetta. Dont matter to me, as I am so happy right now and cant wait for all to be revealed!!!
  9. Congrats! you are the 1st person in the nearly 10 years that i have been coming to this site that i have to put on my 'Ignore List". Im sure you will wear that like a badge of honor! Just in case you didnt see my response to the PM you sent to me at 4am this morning i will post it here: johnthomasmoby, on 09 September 2012 - 04:58 AM, said: I give up what's the point in arguing with a tit like you. I fucking hate articulate nasty opionated dickheads My response: Maybe bcz you cannot form an opinion for fear of looking stupid, so thats why you go around and correct the grammar in other peoples post to try and make them feel the same way. You knew what i was trying to state and ask. I even told you were probably right about it not being a hyphen and still asked the question what does the underlined E mean for which you had no response which is ok since you dont have 1 as i didnt either hence the reason why i posted in the 1st place. Its amazing that everything you have called me is exactly the way you are acting! Its members like you that really drags this forum down. Thank goodness your the minority!!! You really need to find another hobby. I will speculate till my hearts content!!!
  10. Good catch! I still feel the hyphen in FIVE that was posted today means something. Just my gut feeling. My gut is right alot of the time but definately not all of the time.
  11. BTW, did i thank you for your great insightful contributions to this thread? 1 question, did you just finish a course in button pushing 101? Your smiley icon suits you just fine!! Grow up!
  12. Yet your still capable of having alcoholic drunken outbursts? Maybe your not drinking isnt the problem bcz as far as i can tell your a "dmf" straight or sober!
  13. I'm sticking to my guns and say that i think the hyphen under the E in the graphic posted today on FB means something. Possibly tomorrow, the Led Zeppelin FB page will post a ZEPPELIN graphic in the same font meaning that the new project to be revealed is going to be named or called FIVE-ZEPPELIN instead of LED-ZEPPELIN. My logical sense tells me FrontRowDave is more than likely has the correct theory, but something tells me it is too obvious. Either way, im glad something is coming down the pike from The Mighty Zeppelin! Hyphen or no hyphen BWAHAHAHAHAHA!
  14. Sorry, you are just not worth my time! You did read what i said in my last post? If not, i suggest you go read it again.
  15. Cheers for what? I came into this discussion hoping maybe some would have insight into the observation i made, NOT TO BE ATTACKED!!! you 2 assholes just gettin home from your local watering holes or what??? GO CRAWL UP SOMEBODY ELSE"S ARSE!!!!
  16. more or less i guess it depends on how you look at it
  17. O bratha ceez you gotz nothin better todoos today? oh and btw liverpool Hyphen ish is not a location. Just thought might like to know.
  18. Call it what you will and your probably right that it is an underline symbol and not a hyphen but it was still just an observation i made when i 1st saw the FB post as to why "underline" the E?
  19. Not sure if you understood my point or not. In the graphic that was posted today on FB the E in FIVE is hyphened underneath the letter, I couldnt find a translation of this. The E's in your post does hot have a hyphen underneath. The lines your talking about are other letters. Anyway not trying to be nitpicky or anything but just trying to make myself clearer as i was just curious is all.
  20. Im curious as to what the Hyphen under the E in the graphic is for? Ive searched and could not find a translation of this. Maybe someone here knows? Even When Led Zeppelin uses this font type there is no hyphens under the E's. I wonder if that was done intentionally to try and give a clue. Being a Led Zeppelin fan for 35 years i guess makes you think this way lol... anyone else notice this? I just hope this isnt the rumor mill just brewing and stirring crap. Everyone here is making alot of bold statements when all the graphic could be is a reminder that a 5 year anniversary of the reunion is coming and nothing more. Of course i hope i am wrong as i do when the rumors started here more then a year and half ago.
  21. I believe this was taken when RP & SS opened for the Who on the Dreamland tour.
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