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  1. Raust

    Favorite Album Opener

    I voted for Achillies last stand even though it's off of one of my least favorite albums that song is one of my favorites.
  2. Raust

    Favorite album?

    It's not easy choosing favorites for Led Zeppelin. There whole catalogue is pretty damn consistant. I went with Houses of the Holy though, all of the songs on there are gold I love it. It's also one of the only albums without any cover songs on it either which makes it some what unique. And the cover is based off of the awesome sci fi book Childhoods End. And it features my song No Quarter, and it's just perfect!
  3. Raust

    Favorite Album Closer

    It's not my favorite song, but I voted for When The Levee Breaks. It's just perfect for closing the epic Led Zeppelin IV with.
  4. Raust

    Song with no words

    I voted Moby Dick Bonzo's drumming is sick on that track.
  5. Great album, my favorite is Ten Years Gone. A lot of emotion in that song.
  6. Raust

    Favorite Lyrics?

    I voted under "other". The best song lyrically in my opinion is Ramble On. Great lyrics especially for the fall season and I really love the lord of the rings refrence in the song " 'Twas in the darkest depths of Morodor mm I met a girl so fair But Gollum and the evil one crept up and slipped away with her."
  7. Raust

    Best Album for a Zeppelin Newcomer?

    I think that Led Zeppelin IV is the obvious choice. It has every single "classic" Led Zeppelin song on there. Even though it's not my favorite I think it's a pretty good starting point for anyone who wants to get the Led out for the first time.
  8. Raust

    Favorite song off of Zeppelin I?

    I voted Dazed and Confused. Even though they covered the song they made it there own and it definatley stands out on that album.
  9. I'd like to say I first heard them on the radio when I was about 10 on a classic rock station. First song I heard from them was immigrant song. They got me into a lot of classic rock since then along with other genres of music. They're definatley more blues influenced then most of the bands out at the time.
  10. Raust

    How old do you have to be?

    Gee I wish I got to see Zeppelin. Pretty sure there's fans of all ages for Zeppelin, kind of hard to pin point. I'm a huge fan and I'm 19 and my friends love them to.
  11. Raust

    Best Song Of Led Zeppelin III

    My favorite off of Zepp III is Out on the Tiles, the song just kicks so much ass!
  12. Raust

    Best song off Houses of the Holy

    The Rain song is one of my favorite Zeppelin songs of all time. Lyrics are great the accoustic sounds fantastic and when the orchestra hits it's just bliss.
  13. Raust

    Best Album Cover?!

    I really like the collage on Led Zeppelin III.
  14. Raust

    Favorite Zeppelin albums

    Physical Graffiti: This was during there peak. All of the material on here is very creative. There songs have more depth to them and a bit more experimental. All and all a fantastic album. Favorite Tracks: Houses of the Holy, Kashmir and Ten Years Gone 2. Led Zeppelin III: I really like the bit of folk in here. I could see a transition for them dipping there foot in deeper waters. Without this release there would be no Physical Graffiti that's why I appreciate it so much. Favorite Tracks: Immigrant Song, Friends and Tangerine 3. Led Zeppelin IV: Wow this really blew me away when I first listened to it. Amazing track after amazing track I just couldnt've gotten enough of it at the time. There are really only straight forward rock songs on here with a lot of blues influenced added to a few of them. Not really on the more experimental side which is what I really dig in there catelogue. Regardless, this is just a great album. Favorite Tracks: Black Dog, The Battle of Evermore and Four Sticks
  15. Raust

    Frontmen Of Rock

    I choose Robert Plant as my first choice. Jim Morrison is my second, I used to be really into The Doors. I still really like them Morrison had an amazing pressence on stage and was great at building anticipation in concert.