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  1. Well I haven't been playing a guitar for 30+ years, (I did play the recorder when I was 6 though LOL), so I don't notice when he plays a bad note on an album. I wouldn't know if he did or didn't intend the intro to Hotdog to sound how it does. I do know though that I think he writes and plays brilliant music. That to me is more important.. Everyone has a bad day in the office. But Page on form plays some of the most amazing music out there. I have always thought that Jeff Beck is a better technical player, but I don't think he writes or produces music anywhere near as well as Page. So, ye
  2. I don't know about American law, but in Britain theft is defined as "dishonestly appropriating" somebody else's property with the intention to "permanently deprive" the owner. If the act was done without dishonestly or intention to permanently deprive. It is not regarded as theft. Now, how that all works with regard to music, I don't know. I guess you cannot steal music but there are laws about copyright etc.
  3. I would guess that most people got into Zeppelin when they were teenagers. As the teenagers grow up, many of them still like the music and play it. Over time, more teenagers discover the music probably from school mates and older friends, this continues etc. etc. What I mean is, I doubt many people in their 20-30's now, suddenly discover Zeppelin and take them to heart. They liked them when they were young and grew up listening to the music. Obviously there will be exceptions, but I would hazard a guess that most first picked up the music in their teen years. Personally, I was about 12 when my
  4. I noticed lately that there seems to be a massive resurgence of Zeppelin music on Film and TV soundtracks, Adverts, Video games and trailers etc. Virtually very night I hear something on the TV. Even documentarys use clips of their music a lot these days.
  5. Took my wife to see P!NK (yeah that's how she spells it). Actually she was excellent, a real rock chick!
  6. Hi. Sorry not done anything yet. My wife has health problems and it distracts me somewhat. I do intend to clean up the sound track eventually. I will post here when i have more to report.
  7. Sorry to show my ignorance. Where can I get a copy of the actual concert? Would love to do a comparison. If I ave anything better it may encourage me to post it wen I finally sort it all out.
  8. How long is a piece of string? LOL. Put it like this, it was recorded on a small battery powered, mono Hitachi cassette recorder, with a hand held microphone. Nearly 40 years ago.
  9. Ok, just for a bit of fun, I have made a short mp3 clip of plant chatting between songs so people can get an idea of the sound. (it's 1.2Mb). Is there any way I can upload it to this site?
  10. No mention of "unearthly monster". Plant mentions going through the various changes of their last 61/2 years "relationship" etc.
  11. At the moment I have 5 files of assorted lengths. (My brother used 3 tapes and tried to change tapes/sides between the songs). To be honest Im not very techy, I copied the tapes using the standard settings in Audacity. There are loads of settings and preferences but I don't really know what they do lol. The quality settings are as follows: Sampling Default Sample Rate - 44100 Hz Default Sample Format - 32-bit float Real-Time Conversion Sample Rate Converter - Medium Quality Dither - None High-quality Converter Sample Rate Converter - Best Quality (Slowest) Dither - Shaped
  12. Can't remember the date, but it was one of the additional concerts. My brother sent off for tickets but was told the original 3 dates had sold out, however he was told about the 2 additional dates so managed to get in early with a request for 4 tickets :-)
  13. I thought I would try to clean up the sound a bit. I digitised the tapes using Audacity software. The trouble is that it takes up about 7 gb so far LOL
  14. Don't really know what to do with it yet. It was on 5 different sides of 3 tapes. I'm still in the process of sorting it all out at present. I'm just glad that the tapes survived for nearly 40 years in a box with a load of other stuff.
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