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  1. Robben Ford and the Blue Line - Handful of Blues RB
  2. I've been a fan of Wishbone Ash since hearing Pilgrimage, all those years ago and saw the band live on numerous occasions during the 70s and 80s. Although they have produced some very listenable music since, I agree with you; Argus was probably their peak (for me). RB
  3. But that was in the olden days: after the dinosaurs and before the Falklands war. Modern amplifier designs, especially the so-called "boutique" offerings, are amazing things. Overdrive aplenty, but when you back off the volume control on the guitar they clean up very well. The wiring inside the guitar also plays a significant role in this effect. The key factor is the output of the amp. Far too many players still opt for too much power - 50/100 watts - and will never realise the full potential of their setup because of the size of the venues they are able to play. A good 5/20 watt Class A amp
  4. Yes, I was just being pedantic, but seeing as the original poster was a year out I think we can let it go. Rock N' Rollin' Man: excellent selection. The best electric guitar performance I've ever heard. RB
  5. Sirhan Sirhan's position has remained unchanged over the years: he has no recollection of the shooting. Quite possible. Do some research on the C.I.A.'s Project Artichoke from the 1950s. RB
  6. Spoken by a true (and wise) believer. Mind you, any old valve amp is not the best solution, and you are never going to get a 100 watt Marshall stack to perform at its best unless you are playing large halls/arenas. There is a growing trend for low-powered valve amps, down to 1 watt output. These amplifiers can be pushed hard at home without you being attacked by the neighbours every time you go out. I've gigged the Blackstar on the 10 watt setting and it was more than enough - unless you have a unfeasibly loud drummer. RB
  7. Sirhan Sirhan, without question, was witnessed to fire at Robert Kennedy from the front, but it was bullets fired from behind that killed him: a position Sirhan Sirhan never achieved during the shooting. RB
  8. I no longer use any kind of distortion/overdrive pedal. Mind you, it needed a serious amplifier upgrade to achieve this, in the form of a Blackstar Artisan 30, 30 watt 2x12 combo. It is switchable between 30 watts (pentode) and 10 watts (triode), and on the latter setting sounds superb, with just the right amount of compression/amp sag that I like. I've also upgraded the wiring harness on my Lesters to the 50s configuration, with new volume and tone pots, plus caps. Wonderful. RB
  9. I was at the Royal Albert Hall on 5/5/5 for one of the Cream performances. I'd waited 37 years for this. I didn't manage to get tickets when they originally went on sale (and it was not for the want of trying, I assure you) and was forced to fork out £500 for a pair of tickets through an agency. Not too bad, as I witnessed an American fan pay £1400 for a pair of tickets on the night (bloody touts). RB
  10. I usually just establish the root note and take it from there. RB
  11. He is, although towards the end of the video he uses four. RB
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