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    Listening to Led Zeppelin, playing violin, piano, guitar, upright bass, electric bass, and attempting to sing. I also enjoy a good murder mystery novel every once and again.
  1. You are quite right, Jimmy was INCREDIBLE in Dazed And Confused, no two ways about it; however, the reason I voted for The Rain Song (other than my gigantic crush on Robert) is the feeling of peaceful power they create during the song... It's also a fine piece of evidence that Jimmy Page is Master of Guitar, because not only can he play unbelievable riffs at lightning speed, but he can also create slow and soothing masterpieces such as this one. Also, this song also nicely proves that Robert Plant is the Master of Vocals, as it displays his incredible range. Plus, John Paul Jones' work with his keyboard(s) and John Bonham's drumming adds to the quiet, peaceful power that the song emanates. And please note that I'm not trying to spark an argument on which of the two is better; we all know that it's very difficult to be greater than the greatest, and as everything Led Zeppelin is the greatest, it would be a circulatory and very confusing argument.
  2. Definitely have to agree with both of you there. So. Amazing. Gives me chills every time...
  3. I love this film--must I say more? (:
  4. Hello, I'm back!! :D Just wanted to thank you for the kind birthday post (which was quite a long while ago!!) and to let you know that I'm back on, and that I hope to see you around here too (:

  5. Hi Alexa! :D Wishing you a very happy birthday! :D Hope you have a great one! :D Miss you around here! :(

  6. I would think "Down By The Seaside" on top of all. It's such a nice song! That, and like many others have said, "Bron-Y-Aur", "The Rain Song" and "Going To California".
  7. I got Mothership for Christmas a year or two ago from my parents, which was essentially my first introduction to them, save the random occasions when my dad would play something like Kashmir or Stairway when he found them on the radio. As much as I absolutely love all the songs on there, I would have definitely added "The Ocean", "What Is And What Should Never Be", and possibly "The Rain Song". Also I don't think I would have minded "In My Time Of Dying", "Tangerine", "Ten Years Gone", and/or "Fool In the Rain" either, or at least another song off of "In Through The Out Door" ("I'm Gonna Crawl", maybe?). Of course, all of Led Zeppelin's songs are fantastic and amazing, and a compilation of all of their great ones is their entire discography! Anyway, for those young ones like myself who are being raised in the era of absolute and complete crap (pop and rap, I mean), Mothership is definitely a great album to introduce us to the good music of the world; the music without auto-tune and/or monotonous, computerized drumbeats. I may only be a teen, but I have a fairly decent grasp on what is and isn't good music.
  8. This is without a doubt one of the best threads in the forum (Jimmy's is competition). He's SO hot. Beyond hot, really. I pay no mind to these alleged "cute" current actors--between Robert and Jimmy, I'm totally fine. Ha ha ha! And you know, Jones was pretty darn cute as well. Maybe I'm the only one that thinks that... If not, is there a cute/hot pics thread for him too?
  9. Definitely. *sigh* It's a shame he's older now... If only he stayed twenty or thirty forever. Ah, well, I'm contented with his early pictures. Some people my age are madly in love with Taylor something or other (Swift? Wait, that's the girl country singer... I think it starts with 'L' or something) but Robert Plant's where it's at. I mean, there's really no competition. Long live the Golden God!
  10. Hello, all! I'm a self taught guitarist, and I'm really struggling with these Zeppelin songs. I have a hand-me-down acoustic guitar that's rather large for me (I'm quite short), so that's one of several obstacles. I'm trying to tackle the acoustic songs, and so far, nothing good. They're rather difficult, and they always sound really crappy when I play them (but the guitar is very nice despite the fact that it's a hand-me-down). I have no clue how to play with a pick, but everything else I play that's not Zeppelin sounds pretty good without it anyhow. Is the pick (or rather lack thereof) the problem? Any tips you have are greatly appreciated. Thanks so much! Your fellow Zep-head, Alexa
  11. Ha ha ha! Many thanks to you! A month off isn't too shabby... I mean, it could be worse, such as not having any correlation whatsoever!
  12. Ha ha ha! I've never actually played. Ha ha!
  13. I'm afraid you have me there, my friend. Cool birthday!
  14. WHAT?! I LOVE the bow solos! They're SO amazing! Even if it wasn't Jimmy's idea, nobody dead or alive could perform a solo like that half as well as he did. But, I respect the fact that everybody has their own opinions... Crazy as they may be, we all have them. I actually voted for... Crap, I already forgot. I think I did Communication Breakdown... It was either that or Good Times, Bad Times. But don't get me wrong, I do love Dazed and Confused.
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