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Susie Bradshaw

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    Bennington, NH
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    studio, snowboarding, figure skating, design
  1. Hello,

    Just thought I'd stop by and say hi.

  2. u should not accept < fucking $$$ dough, breah whateva u call it I been whilin and my luv u 4eva!
  3. I already saw this site it is fucking badass
  4. pals: thanks for all the insightful responses. I have received quite a lot of praise 4 my complete photographic memory though until recently when I realized I perceived the experience as a younger person. U c those pictures in your head to fill up the time or boredom cures and bang! That was not what it was here is an example I was so convinced my old college bud's club was called H2O I sent them messages with all these fun times and it was really called oxygen or something. Well, all these moments and happy sharing was two people talking about two different places God knows when or where. As a world traveler in my teens and upon migrating all over this country for schools, jobs, blah blah I saw these clips of a city when I thought I was on the beach simply because a bridge looked the same as the scenery passes u really can't tell which place is which at one point. As I was going over this in my brain, I thought I was in the other place that beautiful sunrise.. where did I end up that day once I was over? As soon as proper perspective can possibly exist I'll update that promptly. LMAO on the sexgod thing talk about imaginary! guess thats good enough for some.
  5. there is a whole lotta fussing going on is this book available in multiple languages? I haven't heard anything until now about real literature, I might actually refrain from speed-reading on this one.
  6. Categories of rock are scarce right now, as far as charismatic groups go. I agree that individuals are misinformed; however, it is a matter of taste in music or beer haha. Rap is really hollow though poetic, doubtful the bling bling will ever actually go out of style. Classic rock is way better, I think bluegrass is a trendy integration, an analogy to karoke. Catchy rifs are right on, I sense they're attracting a different audience because the name is very lighthearted, reminding me of Creed ah..not quite. They showed promise but got too wishy-washy so I'm not going to view music I do not prefer as trainwreck material likewise, a mix is in order!
  7. hey whats going on? :)

  8. u think I already did not predict don't say you're sorry
  9. I'm a pro=snowboarder u mentioned a board well, let me tell u I been staring @ my switchfoot & that is what is up..why don't u google a back flip and c me
  10. your board is your life it's not even solid thats not a board it's when you're cut off a cliff u c air is it yours?
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