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  1. hehe my best friends big brothers best friend (its hard to follow lol) is the spitting image of percy in about 68/69. its quite scary actually. he has awesome hair
  2. my mum woke me up this morning as soon as she found out... Heath is my favourite actor and i am absolutely distraught that he has passed away. im still coming to terms that he has gone... such a talent lost at such a young age. R.I.P Heath You will be missed dearly.
  3. woah scary... im listening to the Queen + RP version of Crazy Little Thing... spooky hehe i think its brillant
  4. The Black Crowes. then if zepp come to brissie i actually get to see the black crowes... they are going to all the other capital cities in Aus, but not brissie! GAH! or wolfmother! lol or Hannah Montana... she seems to be creating a fuck of alotta hype right now
  5. (i live in Oz to.. so its the 9th here too) Happy Birthday dear mr Page heres to another year haha its my little sisters birthday today too
  6. Well not including Zepp Queen Pink Floyd David Bowie Status Quo The Beatles Guns N Roses Jefferson Airplane Syd Barrett Cream Motley Crue Thin Lizzy and heaps more but yeah u get the general drift of what i like
  7. October 28 Charlie Daniels - 1936 (woah creepy... im listening to Devil Went Down TO Georgia right now..) Elton Dean - 1945 (The Soft Machine) Ben Harper- 1969 Hank Marvin - 1941 oooh Joaquin Phoenix- 1974 i like him
  8. hmmm im gonna check that out now.... *checks dvd* hmmmmmmmmmmmmm maybe he says it.. maybe he doesnt.... its hard to tell.
  9. ive been wondering where everyone has been getting these awesome sigs from! they are brilliant! could i please have one made for me please?? could you put... Jimmy, Ziggy Stardust and Freddie Mercury on it? anything else is good by me. as long as it is awesome! hehe thankyou so much!
  10. Brisbane, Australia! yay! wish i was in melbourne tho... BEST PLACE ON EARTH! well in Aus it is haha
  11. ^has to get up early. poor you <is drinking lemon ale... fresh from th Bundaberg Brewing Factory!!! yaaay! its sooo good! and i get Bundaburg Creaming soda and cola later! YAY!
  12. woah woah woah you guys calm down! lets keep the peace here... im not gonna take sides in this... but please, keep the peace... for the sake of all of us
  13. ^ has probably kidnapped my cats becuase they are horrors <has been at the beach all day and is sunburnt... but it is tanning! haha
  14. thats my fave pic of jimmy with a beard its been the wallpaper on my computer for about a month now. he looks soooo cute! like a teddy bear
  15. oooh crows eh? soo... im guessing you will remember the first elimination final then? i certainly do. i cried when Buddy kicked that goal with 7 seconds to go to win us the game... hahaah just warning you... i will probably give u a bit of shit about it sometimes... and when every hawks play crows just saying sorry now
  16. gday everyone another Aussie here I live up in Brisbane (but i wish i lived in Melbourne) im a very true blue aussie... never left the country (but ive lived in Brissie, Sydney, Newcastle, Tamworth, Gunnedah, Perth, Port Maquarie), i live for summer and the beach... and my year is divided up into two seasons... FOOTY AND CRICKET!! so who do you guys barrack for? well me.... THE MIGHTY FIGHTING HAWKS!!! i get alot of shit at school cuz i dont barrack for the lions... thats because they suck and in cricket i barrack for... Domestic- Western Warriors, internations... well thats just bloody obvious... AUSSIE AUSSIE AUSSIE!!! and Gibsongirl... i think we are playing the poms again soon, cuz they are playing Sri Lanka at the moment... and bloody Murali broke Warnies record... grrrr... so we should get the poms soon, cuz we play India in the Boxing Day Test.... BRING ON THE POMS!!! ahhh the Ashes were great this year,... and Hussey got to score the runs that won us the Ashes back. and on the subject of Mike Hussey.... did you guys here that if he plays every game from now on untill the end of 2009 an scores more than 50 runs and innings... he will beat The Dons batting average!!! how good is that! Hussey went to my primary school and lived behind my sisters best mate. as you can see, if you get me started about sport i can never stop. grrrr bushfire season soon.... our house backs onto the bush, and every year for the past 3 years we have been evacuated from our house. But they are saying summer wont be as hot this year, so we might not get as severe bushfires cant wait to hear from some more Aussies. unless you are Collingwood supporters. then i shall not talk to you. hehe. only joking.
  17. hey Vannis! nice pics! i got some new pics to show the lovely people here yes i am such a cool cat.. i have a batman shirt just chillin' yeah... im cooler than your average goldfish...
  18. this is me and my two bestest friends im the one in the led zepp shirt of course lol
  19. people... who agrees with me greatest Boosh character.... THE SPIRIT OF JAZZ! and Old Gregg comes a very close second... me and my mate sam are going to the next school dance as the Spirit of Jazz and Old Gregg.. he is going as the Spirit of Jazz and im going as Old Gregg hehe i agree with Mona... Obsidian Blackbird McKnight... very very sexy well Noel is sexy in whatever he wears even as Richmond in the IT Crowd
  20. PJs! which are... Led Zepp boxers (no joke! i got them for my birthday!) and a singlet its really hot in Brisbane tonite....at 11:09 pm... hehe yes i know i know its a school night.. i should be in bed.... oh well
  21. oh my god i love the boosh. greatest show ever! i got season one and two on dvd for my birthday a few weeks ago... I LOVE IT!!! and Vince... phoaw what a spunk! hmm best lines... Vince: i read this pamplette once... Howard: yeah well i looked at a hedge once whats your point? classic boosh and when Vince wants the gel so that his hair doesnt fall out... Vince: ah your extracting the *something* from the frog Naboo: no, i just dont like this frog. i cant wait to see season 3! but cuz i live down under... we wont get it for ages
  22. well im 15 but ive been into zepp for longer than i can remember i was brought up on great 60's and 70's music
  23. hey everyone! well im Dani you may know me from PZ (whole_lotta_zepp) and the old led-zeppelin.com forum (jimmys_little_schoolgirl) for those who dont know me... im a 15 year old zepp, floyd, queen and bowie obsessed aussie chick. i was brought up on a combination of Zepp, Queen, Floyd, Quo, Cheap Trick, and Thin Lizzy i play guitar in a band called Backwards Glance and i was born in the wrong era. damn. i love to get to know new people, so dont be afraid to say hi, i dont bite hehe man i dig this new forum... its pretty groovy
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