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  1. TenYearsGone75

    What are you listening too

    Sister Golden Hair.
  2. TenYearsGone75

    RP- The Solo Albums

    Thanks, guys! Will do! I have so much music to catch up on. I'm slowly getting into Modest Mouse's early stuff, as I am to see them in concert soon. Now, I've realized I haven't had time to explore Robert Plant!? What's wrong with me!? I'm also trying to collect most of Devendra Banhart and R.E.M. I know, strange combinations. But, I have quite eclectic tastes. Cheers! TYG
  3. TenYearsGone75

    RP- The Solo Albums

    Should I look into purchasing full length Robert Plant albums? I have the hits- like "Ship of Fools," "In the Mood," etc. I know asking on a Led Zeppelin Forum might render some biased answers, but in all honesty, I have no idea about Robert's solo work aside from his endeavor with Alison Krauss. Thanks for any input! TYG
  4. Really? What brings you to this side of the globe?

    And, the forum just isn't the same. I feel like after I spent an entire year babbling on it, it's just the same type of repetitive posts over and over and over again.

  5. sure!^^

    I don't visit the forum at all

    by the way I'm in the usa right now! :D

  6. TenYearsGone75

    Your Favorite Rock Lines of all Time.

    The Stones: "Well we all need someone we can cream on And if you to Well, you can cream on me" Sick bastards!
  7. Hey Inga. It's been a while. I don't think I've logged in on the forum in years. Still a hug Zep fan?

  8. How goes it, Henrik? It's been a while.

  9. TenYearsGone75

    "Mr. Jimmy"

    Thanks Ev. Always appreciated. -TYG
  10. TenYearsGone75

    "Mr. Jimmy"

    Question: Who is Mr. Jimmy in the Stones' hit song, "You Can't Always Get What You Want"? -TYG
  11. TenYearsGone75

    TSRTS White Vivyl

    I was lucky enough to get it!!! -TYG
  12. TenYearsGone75

    Led Zeppelin Vinyls

    Recently for my birthday I received a record player and lately I have been on a mission to buy as many albums as possible! There's only one problem- no place in Baton Rouge sells decent vinyls. So, my question is where can I purchase high quality Zeppelin records online? Thanks, -TYG
  13. TenYearsGone75

    Defining Zep Song

    These are actually some of my favorite songs... I used to listen to Hots On For Nowhere nonstop when I first purchased Presence...oh, those were the days! -TYG
  14. TenYearsGone75

    The Next President of the USA will be?

    I know...it's sad, too! I'm still a big supporter, though. And I love how he's the only one in the GOP who is against the war. Any thorn in the side of the Republican Party is okay in my book! -TYG
  15. TenYearsGone75

    The Next President of the USA will be?

    What you blokes don't realize is that Ron Paul is still in the game... The Revolution is finally here! -TYG