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  1. Happy birthday, Inga May. Hope you are doing well since we haven't heard in ages from you.

  2. well if i go to the US next year i'll let you know !

  3. Guess I'll have to wait to see you the following year then. We shall feast at a nice restaurant and you'll see awesome things!

  4. i cant change all my plans

  5. Well, then silly goose, take the plane to here! :P

  6. i bet it is! but it's so far from california :(

  7. I wish I could! But sadly I don't have the money to travel. Come to St. Louis! Please! It's a wonderful place.

  8. no, unfortunately.( im going to Los Angeles but you can come visit me ! :)

  9. Oh you are? That's wonderful! Anywhere close to me? :P

  10. Hello Richard ! miss you too,

    yes i was in the US and i'm coming back there in a few weeks !

  11. Ah, Inga. I miss ya. I wish you were still around. You were in the US? Shame. :(

  12. thank you! :*

  13. Happy B-Day!

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