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  1. well if i go to the US next year i'll let you know !

  2. i cant change all my plans

  3. i bet it is! but it's so far from california :(

  4. no, unfortunately.( im going to Los Angeles but you can come visit me ! :)

  5. Hello Richard ! miss you too,

    yes i was in the US and i'm coming back there in a few weeks !

  6. thank you! :*

  7. sure!^^

    I don't visit the forum at all

    by the way I'm in the usa right now! :D

  8. thank you, dear Dave!! ^^

    I'm so ashamed of not having told you "Happy Birthday"/ I'm so sorry!!

    everything is ok. I prepare documents for coming to US ;)

  9. we have same glasses! very nice picture!!
  10. the place is beautiful and you look great! the last photo is awesome! very interesting. I like the foreshortening. looks wonderful!
  11. great photos Magenta and theycallmethehunter!!
  12. you are beautiful,! love the picture! wow! you are very beautiful too!! how many beautiful girls we have here!!
  13. ahhah, lol, well, I will be in America less than in a year. and I will spend there about half a year! If you don't want to wait, you can visit me!
  14. wooow!! they are so long!! wonderful! there are so many things I could do with them
  15. sorry about that word , but I really don't know how is it called in English! =0 and don't know how you can explain it to your hairdresser, to show a photo.. maybe. products? I think products in US differ a lot from Russian, you know, I would be glad to cut your hair
  16. thank youuu! this hairstyle is called scene hair in english, if I'm not mistaken! you can't see the full haircut at that picture =( ok, I'll reveal my secret to you. don't think I'm crazy, but I cut my hair myself I know it is a bad mark, but I don't entrust my hair to anybody else. I cut them at front and then my friend, who is a rather good hairdresser, cut them from behind. now I want to colour the white locks at blue or smth else! I haven't decided yet! are you sure you want this haircut?? I spend an hour or more each day to arrange my hair!
  17. wow!! so optimistic!! =D great pic! hey, Lilith! I'm happy to see your pic! =D you're beautiful! very nice picture!!
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