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  1. well if i go to the US next year i'll let you know !

  2. i cant change all my plans

  3. i bet it is! but it's so far from california :(

  4. no, unfortunately.( im going to Los Angeles but you can come visit me ! :)

  5. Hello Richard ! miss you too,

    yes i was in the US and i'm coming back there in a few weeks !

  6. thank you! :*

  7. sure!^^

    I don't visit the forum at all

    by the way I'm in the usa right now! :D

  8. thank you, dear Dave!! ^^

    I'm so ashamed of not having told you "Happy Birthday"/ I'm so sorry!!

    everything is ok. I prepare documents for coming to US ;)

  9. we have same glasses! very nice picture!!
  10. the next time it'll come out wonderful but I think your drawing is good! and you should show it I love that T-shirt! and the top drawing is wonderful!
  11. I've just finished to draw Spider-man. I LOVE comics
  12. ok, I see it now! very beautiful, brspled!!!! ^^
  13. пожалуйста!! you wrote it correctly! it's just "спасибо" why I can't see the picture?? :'(
  14. I love it! I like the idea of the first one so much! and the colours are wonderful!
  15. you are a real talent! and you'll become a great artist. if you have any other pictures I would LOVE to see them!
  16. wooOoow!!!! I love the bottom one so much!!!! did you study to draw somewhere??
  17. the place is beautiful and you look great! the last photo is awesome! very interesting. I like the foreshortening. looks wonderful!
  18. great photos Magenta and theycallmethehunter!!
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